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Rainbow's Hyunyoung kindly tells fans to stop posting malicious comments


Just recently it was revealed that Rainbow's Hyunyoung was dealing with a malicious commenter who claimed that she just got her boobs done after making a post on Instagram in celebration of Rainbow's 10th anniversary.

On November 22 KST, Hyunyoung announced on her Instagram to let her haters know she is not backing down from mean comments posted by persons who seem to be negative in some way.

Hyunyoung wrote in a long post explaining that she suffered from many harassments online during her as an idol for 10 years now, but now she said she won't backing down from this but she will begin to report every single one malicious commenter who have something negative to say about her body.

"Is the concept of 'an eye for an eye wrong?' I worked hard since my debut 10 years ago, and throughout all those years, I suffered comments of hate and harassment, but I ignored them because I thought getting some attention was better than getting none.

I didn't do anything to hurt them, but I have to suffer in their hands because I'm a celebrity.

Someone told me that I have to endure this kind of thing if I want to be a celebrity and that if I want to get attention for a living. I have to accept malicious comments. But why?  Besides showing our faces to the public, we eat, sleep, talk with friends, and have loving parents just like everyone else ".

Wouldn't you hate it if someone cursed at you for no reason? Well, the same goes for us because we're all people. Imagine if people you didn't know hated you and cursed at you for no reason...It'd make you sad and miserable ... I used to think I had to endure this, but I won't anymore.

I'm always thankful to those who cheer me on no matter what. I know I'm not the type to express it, but I've always been thankful. 

As for the people posting malicious comments, I'll report every one of you, so continue if you'd like.

Lastly, I'm sorry for making an issue out of this and thank you for reading this long message. Everyone, life is short even if we only look at and do beautiful things, so let's love ourselves more and take care of ourselves better! Let's do this!"

- Hyunyoung

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눈에는 눈 이에는 이 무개념엔 무개념 잘못된 건가요? 데뷔 10년 차 그동안 제 나름대로 열심히 활동했고 활동하는 내내 이유 모를 비난 악플 성희롱 섞인 댓글에 시달려 왔지만 참아야 한다고 그래도 무관심보단 낫다고 애써 좋게 생각하며 넘겨왔습니다 최근 이런저런 상황과 일들을 겪으면서 왜 이렇게 살아야 하나..내가 잘못한 게 없는데 왜 나는 내 정신과 생활이 피폐해져가면서까지 참고 살아가야만 하는가에 대해 많은 생각을 하게 됐습니다 내가 그들에게 피해준 게 없는데 그들이 나에게 주는 피해를 내가 참고만 살아야 하는 건가 그저 연예인이라는 이유로? 혹자는 연예인이라면 그 정도쯤은 감내하고 살아야 한다고 말씀하시더라고요 관심을 먹고 사는 직업이기 때문에 이 정도 악플은 감당해야 한다고 왜요? 왜죠? 저희도 대중들 앞에 모습을 들어낸다는 것 말고는 다른 사람들과 똑같은 밥을 먹고 똑같이 잠을 자고 똑같이 친구들과 수다를 떨며 언제나 나를 사랑해주시고 응원해주는 부모님이 있는 똑같은 사람입니다 여러분 누가 이유 없이 여러분들 욕하면 기분 나쁘시잖아요 저희도 똑같아요 같은 사람이기 때문에.. 얼굴도 성별도 나이도 알 수 없는 사람들이 이유 없이 나를 싫어하고 욕을 한다고 생각해보세요.. 그게 얼마나 슬프고 화나고 끔찍할지를.. 무조건 참고 견뎌야 한다고 생각했지만 이제는 그러지 않으려고요 부족하고 한없이 모자란 저를 좋아해 주시고 응원해주시는 분들께는 언제나 감사한 마음이에요 워낙 무뚝뚝한지라 표현은 많이 못했지만 항상 고마운 마음 간직하며 살고 있습니다 악플 쓰시는 분들은 제가 하나하나 모아서 신고, 고소할 거니까 그래도 쓰시고 싶으신 분들은 써주세요 끝으로 원치 않게 이슈를 만들어 신경 쓰이시게 한 점 진심으로 죄송하고 이렇게 두서없고 긴 글 읽어주셔서 감사합니다 여러분, 좋은 것만 보고 좋은 일만 하고 살아도 짧은 인생 좀 더 자기 자신에게 더 신경 쓰며 사랑하며 살자구요!! 화이팅!!

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Nicole33594,103 pts Friday, November 22, 2019 1
Friday, November 22, 2019

Good for her. I hope more artists start to realize that they don’t have to put up with that garbage just because they’re famous and start taking action. I don’t want anyone else to commit suicide because of constant hate.


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Nicole_Cervantes835 pts Friday, November 22, 2019 0
Friday, November 22, 2019
Good for her!! With so many stories of idols suffering from depression and anxiety or even committing suicide, it amazes me that some people still vomit out unprovoked hate like it's nothing. It's way past time for people like that to be held accountable for their actions. When an idol commits suicide, the haters that harassed endlessly should be held responsible. Enough is enough.



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