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X1's debut title track 'Flash' accused of heavily 'referencing' Chris Lake's 'Helium' remix, released in 2014


Project group X1's debut title track "Flash" is reportedly facing accusations of heavily "referencing" a preexisting track - Chris Lake feat. Jareth's "Helium" (DJ Tiesto Remix).

As many fans know, X1's debut title track "Flash" was released back on August 27, 2019, composed by SCORE, Megatone, and Onestar. Chris Lake's "Helium" and its remixes were released in April of 2014, composed by DJ/producer Chris Lake with DJ Tiesto participating in the particular remix in question. 

According to one report, a composer/producer known as 'A' who has worked with numerous idol groups listened to both tracks side by side, then commented on their similarities and differences. 'A' stated, "When explaining an idol group's new album concept, most companies send over reference songs to producers. They're meant to be used as samples, asking producers to write such and such songs based on such and such concepts and moods. The producers of 'Flash' probably referenced 'Helium' while creating the song. It's difficult to outrightly say that this is 'plagiarism' from a legal perspective. There's a sense that they sound similar, but there's no real evidence. It comes down to the producer's morality."

'A' added on, "If you ask to find songs released in Korea which 'referenced' foreign songs, you'd find over 100 of them. There are some songs which 'referenced' other preexisting songs even more blatantly than this one, but the issue just never came up to the surface. This problem doesn't just lie with this one song alone. Many other songs which faced plagiarism controversies in the past had the same, 'referenced' format." 

Listen to X1's "Flash" and Chris Lake feat. Jareth's "Helium" (Tiesto Remix) for yourself, below:

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MStrawberry68 pts Saturday, October 5, 2019 2
Saturday, October 5, 2019

Oh my... Whats happening to X1 it full of chaos already.


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whenjunhui455 pts Saturday, October 5, 2019 6
Saturday, October 5, 2019

oh god....it is heavily referenced

just slightly rearranged and with other highly referenced segments from other songs added in

but what's worse than that, is its not a good song


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