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X1 dish on their group chat room + each member's most recognizable traits


On September 6, all 11 members of rookie boy group X1 crowded into the radio studio for 'Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time'!

On this day, DJ Choi Hwa Jung asked each of the X1 members to pinpoint their most recognizable features. Han Seung Woo answered that he was an arctic fox, while Kim Woo Seok said that he was a fennec fox! Lee Han Gyul revealed that his nickname was a tyrannosaurus rex, while fellow member Kim Yo Han shared that many people call him a rabbit. However, he personally felt that his most distinct feature was the mole on his forehead.

Next, Lee Eun Sang named his smile lines as his most distinct feature, while Nam Do Hyun stated his chubby cheeks, and Cha Jun Ho, his straight shoulders and pointy chin. Son Dong Pyo stressed that he was the shortest of the group, and Kang Min Hee claimed that he was the most laid-back, cool type among the members. Finally, Jo Seung Youn revealed that he resembled both a shiba dog and and a weasel, and Song Hyung Jun unsurprisingly named a puppy as the animal he most closely resembles!

Also during the broadcast, one listener asked which member was the most active in X1's group chat room! All of the members unanimously answered, "Cha Jun Ho." Kang Min Hee added on, "Jun Ho is very chatty in the chat room. He keeps sending messages even though nobody responds." Cha Jun Ho then chimed in with, "Nobody ever responds, but I still send messages there. But really, nobody reads them. But Seung Youn hyung posts a ton of photos. They're all photos of the members sleeping." 

Here, Kim Woo Seok explained, "We're all always together anyway, so we can just talk to each other face to face. I think I forget that the chat room exists because of that. There might be some members who've never even once read any of the messages in that room. Jun Ho and Seung Youn have all kinds of funny conversations there that can't be aired on broadcasts." 

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Friday, September 6, 2019

I just love these guys❤🥰



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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Omg I wanna see these convoys between seungyeon and chacha that "can't be broadcast"



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