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Article on Zico flooded with unrelated netizen references to Jung Joon Young's 'golden phone'


Looks like references to Zico and Jung Joon Young's controversial scandal are ongoing.

On September 14, an article talks about Zico's latest Instagram update and his plans to make a comeback. However, the comments section flooded with references unrelated to the article's content, only mentioning comments referencing the rapper's previous ties to Jung Joon Young's 'golden phone'.

Although Zico has since denied that he only scrolled through the contacts on Jung Joon Young's phone, the controversy did not die down according to netizens' reactions.

Some of the top-voted comments in an article read:

"Whenever there's an article about Zico, all I think about his Jung Joon Young and the 'golden phone.'"

"He could have also disappeared during the scandal but in his case he escaped it by a narrow margin LOL"

"Golden phone Zico~"

Not a single comment related to the article itself was able to be spotted; other merciless comments toward Zico include: "Are you looking at the golden phone right now, Zico?", "Trying to crawl back out again, are we?", "Pretending to be all warm, hardworking, and serious by himself...you're all the same", "With his own mouth he has said that once he meets Jung Joon Young again he will find the golden phone and read everything carefully", "His clothing style has become all calm too these days..maybe he is trying to avoid gaining attention with a gangster image", and more.

What do you think of these reactions? 

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Blue821,874 pts Sunday, September 15, 2019 4
Sunday, September 15, 2019

*sigh* He admitted to spending hours going through the 'golden phone'. In South Korea viewing the material isn't illegal as long as you don't share it or film it yourself. That is why the police didn't question him. By legal standards he is innocent. HOWEVER, just because he is innocent of a crime doesn't mean what he did isn't morally reprehensible. How about people realize the world is more than black and white. Yes he didn't commit a crime but he DID do something bad. He knew that his friend was a rapist and doing illegal things and he never spoke up and even enjoyed what resulted from those illegal activities. He openly admitted going through the 'golden phone' let that sink in. He admitted it on television. It was confirmed by Jung Joon Young that Zico spent a lot of time with the 'golden phone'. Because he didn't technically commit a crime the only thing people can do now is just keep reminding others of the type of person he is. That's the only justice the victims will see for the role that Zico played in their assault. A lot of you need to grow up and start paying attention to how the real world works. There is a reason sex related crimes often go unreported and it's because it's so hard to get anyone to believe a crime even happened.


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minivilly393 pts Saturday, September 14, 2019 0
Saturday, September 14, 2019

I'm exactly in the same spot as these netizens, can't forget about this



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