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BTS' Jin talks about his aunt who gave him allowance money during Chuseok


BTS' Jin shared a story from his Chuseok family gathering.

On September 14, Jin took to Naver 'V Live' and held his regular 'Eat Jin' live stream program with fans. Nearing the end of the mid-autumn traditional holiday in Korea, Jin talked about his private family gathering from the weekend as his relatives celebrated the holiday together. As is the tradition, he ate lots of home cooked meals, seasonal fruits, and even received allowance money from his aunt!

This allowance, given to one's offspring or to those of the younger generation, is a tradition among Koreans for the elderly to help the descendants' lives financially. Jin shared, "My aunt (uncle's wife from mother's side) was giving out allowances to her nieces and nephew, which included me and my older brother. As she was giving them out one by one, she started with the other cousins, gave some to my brother, then when it was my turn, she looked at my face and said, 'okay....sure, you too.'"

Jin ended the story by expressing his gratitude for his aunt, saying that he still keeps the money in his phone wallet. Thanking his aunt, he said, "I won't use it for now -- I will save it for my Maple Story."

Netizens laughed and commented how it must have been amusing for the aunt and for the whole family, because she had to "give allowance to a nephew who basically earns millions of dollars". Other comments include, "She was probably investing in him...It was Aunt's big picture lol", "LOL nice to hear that his home atmosphere is pleasant", "So funny how he said that his older brother received the money before Jin", "Maple Story money haha cute".

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dancingbella231,640 pts Saturday, September 14, 2019 3
Saturday, September 14, 2019

maple story 😂


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frickybts106 pts Saturday, September 14, 2019 0
Saturday, September 14, 2019

This man 😅 He's always making me laugh😃 what a king😅



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