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Posted by MildGeek211 pts Saturday, August 10, 2019

Kpop groups with the most fake followers on Instagram according to IG Audit


Since this discussion seems of interest to some, due to the recent Hypebeast article, why don't we take a look at all currently popular groups and what they score using IG Audit - one of the apps used in that article.

IG Audit is a free-to-use app that claims to be able to distinguish real followers from fake followers. The app collects up to 200 random followers for the input user. The algorithm then looks at things like the number of posts, follower/following counts, username, and whether the account is private/public for each of those random followers, and outputs a score between 0 and 1 (1 being real). Those probability scores are then averaged across all 200 sample accounts to compute the final result. If a follower appears to be inactive or follow a high number of people, they tend to score proportionally lower, because your posts + stories have a much lower chance of actually reaching them. The app points out that it's not a fully reliable test, so just because you have a 90% score doesn't necessarily mean 10% of your followers are fake. Since the sample consists of 200 random followers, the app might compute somewhat different results for the same account each time.

So without further ado, here's the ranking of the top kpop groups with most fake followers on instagram (computed on 08/10/2019):

  1. 1. Momoland (@official_momoland) & Apink (@official.apink2011) - 52%
  2. 2. Exo (@weareone.exo) & TXT (@txt_bighit) - 50%
  3. 3. Red Velvet (@redvelvet.smtown) - 49%
  4. 4. NCT (@nct) & TVXQ (@tvxq.official) & IZ*ONE (@official_izone) - 48% 
  5. 5. Mamamoo (@mamamoo_official) - 47%
  6. 6. Girls Generation (@girlsgeneration) & Ikon (@withikonic) - 46%
  7. 7. Blackpink (@blackpinkofficial) - 45%
  8. 8. Twice (@twicetagram) & Loona (@loonatheworld)- 44%
  9. 9. Super Junior (@superjunior) & Shinee (@shinee) - 43%
  10. 10. Seventeen (@saythename_17) & Gfriend (@gfriendofficial) - 42%
  11. 11. Winner (@winnercity) - 41%
  12. 12. Got7 (@got7.with.igot7) & BTS (@bts.bighitofficial) & Ateez (@ateez_official_) - 40%
  13. 13. Stray Kids (@realstraykids) & MonstaX (@official_monsta_x) - 39%
  14. 14. Itzy (@itzy.all.in.us) - 38%
  15. 15. Bigbang (@bigbang_official) & Astro (@officialastro) - 37%

Have you tried apps like this for yourself? Do you think they're reliable? Share your results and comment below.

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    Kirsty_Louise19,966 pts Saturday, August 10, 2019 3
    Saturday, August 10, 2019

    As much as I want people to realise that there's fake followers on every account. This is just inviting fandom wars and unnecessary tension.


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    ColdDay537 pts Saturday, August 10, 2019 4
    Saturday, August 10, 2019

    Sampling 200 accounts out of millions wouldn't give you an accurate result. Different results would come up each time you run these accounts again and again. I'm sure my account would be seen as fake because I rarely tweet and have less than 40 followers. Lol


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    ATEEZ, CRAVITY, (G)I-DLE, Oh My Girl, Stray Kids, The Boyz
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