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The inside of Kang Ji-hwan's house is attracting attention

Article: 'Quasi-rape charges'...The inside of Kang Ji-hwan's house catches attention..."Luxury bar"

Source: Newsen

The inside of Kang Ji-hwan's house is attracting attention.

KBS2 TV held a broadcast on the 12th showing the inside of the Kang Ji-hwan's house after the actor was arrested for charges of 'quasi-rape' of two female coworkers. According to the court, the reason why they arrested him was because "there's a risk of flight as well as potential evidence destruction."

So what happened that night? The KBS2 crew visited Kang Ji-hwan's house in Gwangju and found a receipt showing alcohol purchases at the time of the incident. It looks like his drama filming schedule had been canceled that day so he had thrown a house party from the day before. A neighbor said, "he had the lights on since 8:30pm."

The inside of the house was also re-examined. Last year, the actor had revealed his home through an entertainment program and at the time there was a luxury bar inside his house, drawing attention.

Meanwhile, Kang Ji-hwan was questioned by Seongnam District Court officials before his arrest and he said, "I heard that they [two female staff members] are suffering a great deal because of the internet and media comments. I'm very sorry that they're suffering from such a situation and will diligently and faithfully submit to investigations."

  1. [+1,405, -34] It's not like he doesn't have money or popularity...he's not even ugly...I'm sorry but as an old fan it's just so disappointing..
  2. [+1,184, -76] It's not that you don't remember because you got drunk it's just that you want to erase that memory...he must've r*ped her. Yesterday there were a lot of comments criticizing the women as "kkotbaems". Now I think it's because he's embarrassed...please investigate thoroughly!!..
  3. [+928, -34] The problem is that celebrities make too much money..
  4. [+419, -169] Wow Kang Ji-hwan is a bastard...imagine blaming the internet users for his mistake and not reflecting on himself as the r*pist in this situation. He's a snake. The r*pe case is the main issue but it's getting blurred because of the internet comments..
  5. [+90, -10] Now go and find Seungri's and Yang Hyun Suk's house too..
  6. [+83, -5] His hair and make up staff from filming site and even a well-known industry insider said that its going to be really hard for him to comeback from this...the fact that its r*pe is very serious...
  7. [+81, -10] At least Kang Ji-hwan is admitting it coolly like this...the others didn't..
  8. [+43, -2] So why didn't you jail Seungri too? Didn't he destroy evidence?
  9. [+22, -0] You investigated Seungri, Burning Sun and Yang Hyun Suk for months but when it came to Park Yoochun and Kang Ji-hwan you worked so fast ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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    Friday, July 12, 2019

    In Korea, the legal term "quasi-rape" (translation of 준강간) refers to forced vaginal sex on a victim who was already unconscious/incapacitated. It's one of the three forms of rape classified by law.

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    Friday, July 12, 2019

    I'm confused... Can someone please explain what 'quasi-rape' is? Like it happened or it didn't.... Or does the writer mean 'alleged rape' charges?

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