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Posted by eric_r_wirsing AKP STAFF 25 days ago

[MV & Song Review] VAV – 'Give Me More'



Track List:

1. Give me more

2. Give me more (Un Poco Mas)

3. Give me more (Un Poco Mas) (Play-N-Skillz Remix version)

4. Give me more (Inst.)

VAV has just dropped their newest summer single, "Give Me More." This gives you four versions of the title track, including an instrumental. The album features guest stars De La Ghetto and Play-N-Skillz.

"Give Me More" is done to a Spanish guitar, a reggaeton song with a Latin beat (a little like their previous Latin pop tune "Senorita"). What's fun is they maintain this facade until the chorus, after which it gets an electropop break. Not only that, there are two rap parts. What's interesting is De La Ghetto sings on this tune -- in English. It's not a bad song, and a lot of fun, to boot.

The "Un Poco Mas" version has... wait for it... a little more. There's an echo, and some ad-libs and some more Spanish inserted. It's largely the same song as the original, just jazzed up a little more.

The "Play-N-Skillz Remix" is the same as the previous song, only with more drums, more synth and some more autotune thrown in for good measure.

Now, whichever one of these you choose to listen to, understand that at their heart they're the same tune. There are no dance floor liberties taken, it's not changed into some wild EDM tune where the lyrics are heard only occasionally above the noise. It's the same single, except it does follow the theme -- each successive song (except for the instrumental) gives you a little more. Regardless, it's a very fun tune and it makes me want to hear more things from VAV in the near future.


The boys are dancing on a tropical island in the MV for "Give Me More."

And that's mainly it, though not all. Sometimes, they're on the bow of a boat traveling on the bay, the water bright blue, reflecting the sky above. Other times they're on the beach, at a bungalow, in an orange room, in a purple room, or in a bedroom complete with huge speakers and fabric that is done up in colorful patterns to block out the sun. And naturally, they have to be where the party is -- at the beach house. That's not even all, but I'm not going to spoil the whole thing for you.

And there's fan service of course. More than one of the boys has their shirt open, exposing their chocolate abs. But not all the time, and not all the boys, so there is that, at least.

We get to see a fair amount of dancing, too. As they whirl and weave their way through the MV we can see that they gave some thought to choreo. It looks like it might take more than a few takes to get this right, and they stitch the scenes together tightly.

And I have to ask each time, is it fun? Well, I like the tune, so there is that, plus the lighting and such kept it interesting. There's nothing quite like a beach party, so this brings back some memories (though I never partied with VAV). I enjoyed this MV a lot.


MV Relevance.......9

MV Production......9

MV Concept..........8







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Jaehyuns_Fangir116 pts 24 days ago 2
24 days ago

I give it an 11! This song/album is great and will be an all-time favorite hit imo!


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LeahLindsey88 pts 24 days ago 0
24 days ago

thank you for the good reveiw ♥ i love this song too<3



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