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Madame Jung shares testimony of Yang Hyun Suk's arranged trip to Europe


The key figure in Yang Hyun Suk's prostitution scandal has spoken out publicly.

MBC 'Straight' that aired Tuesday publicly revealed
the testimonies by Madame Jung, a key figure in YG Entertainment former CEO Yang Hyun Suk's sex service scandal.

Madame Jung revealed, "It was Yang Hyun Suk who arranged the trip with the prostitutes to Europe in October 2014. All the 10 women that were mobilized for the trip were at Yang Hyun Suk's request."

She continued, "I will tell you everything honestly. We met up at a Seoul entertainment center to leave for the trip. The trip took shape a month earlier in September 2017 when I received a call from Yang Hyun Suk. YGX CEO Kim called me first because he was in charge of entertaining the foreign investors but Yang Hyun Suk called me after that and told me to do everything "Mr. Kim requests."

"Since then preparations for the trip were underway and I delivered to Yang Hyun Suk photos of the 10 women who would be participating. A week before departure I was given a bundle of 200 million won in euros for the women that would be traveling. Yang Hyun Suk himself mentioned to me how the 200 million won would be split. My share would be 100 million won with the other 100 million to be allocated to the women participating. The man that delivered the money was a friend of Yang Hyun Suk's who was also part of Jho Low's party and was traveling as an interpreter. When we got to Europe Yang Hyun Suk's friend gave us more money [in euros]."

"After getting off the helicopter, we stayed at Jho Low's yacht for 7 days and 6 nights. There is a swimming pool and sauna on the yacht and we had breakfast together in the mornings. He [Jho Low] bought me and the women Chanel bags. All the women that traveled to Europe also received between 5-10 million won in return for 5 working days of entertainment. There were only 5 working days required but there are some women that stayed for 10 days. Some of the women spent the nights together in Jho Low and his party's rooms so something could have happened. I don't know if they paid for sex services because they could've done it because they liked each other [mutual sex]."

Madame Jung also addressed Yang Hyun Suk's previous claims that "he didn't know why she [Madame Jung] mobilized women for his dinner party." Jung said, "The women mobilized for the Europe expedition were at Yang's request. The women mobilized for his dinner party were also because of Yang's request."

According to Jung, YGX CEO Kim actually called her right after the 'Straight' broadcast in May that alleged Yang Hyun Suk arranged for sex services. CEO Kim told her "don't worry. The possibility of a police investigation is very rare. Yang Hyun Suk is rarely ever questioned by police."

But when the police investigation began in earnest things got strange. Madame Jung was summoned by police 6 times and received a cross examination with no YG officials present. "I was the one being investigated and tried to avoid it and keep quiet. But if something happens to me, would they be able to help me? Would they summon the big shots to come?," she told reporters. "I only did what former CEO Yang Hyun Suk told me but YG is denying everything. It's unfair."

Madame Jung is set to be summoned again by police for more investigations.

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Monday, July 8, 2019

If Yang Hyun Suk isn't called in for investigation again and is declared innocent, this country is truly screwed up.


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DTRT7,223 pts Monday, July 8, 2019 18
Monday, July 8, 2019

There is no honor among thieves.

You can expect them to turn on each the moment it becomes advantageous to do so because it's their nature.

At this point jail would be a laughable notion since YG has influence over the police but the people can destroy him financially and for Yang Hyun Suk, that would be so much worse in his mind than a few months in jail.

Refuse to buy any YG products so their stock continues to decline to the point where they have to pay back Louis Vuitton in October, with the corresponding accrued interest.



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