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Jay Park stands in shadows for 'GQ Korea' + talks about life as Korean-American


Jay Park took on a shadow concept for the August issue of 'GQ Korea'.

In an interview with the magazine, Jay Park revealed his thoughts on his past, saying, "To be honest, I was so depressed I could've died, but I thought about how I can make money and find my way in the future. If I was the kind of person who worried about what others say, I would've had a very rough time. I wouldn't be where I am now."

He continued, "In America, I was called out for being an Asian who plays basketball, and people told me to go study math and other things like that. When I came to Korea, I was called a 'Yankee.' Idols have to be that way, rappers have to do it this way, Asians have to be that way, why though? Every person's different. I knew what kind of person I was. Even if everyone else doubted me or what kind of prejudices they had against me, I wanted to be me and I didn't want to go along with others. The people who thought less of me at first look at me the way I think I should be seen now."

In related news, Jay Park wrapped up his 'Sexy 4eva World Tour' in Seoul and is heading to Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Bangkok, and more this September. 

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thealigirl84,350 pts Thursday, July 25, 2019 0
Thursday, July 25, 2019

i'm proud of the man he's become



jamietkh271 pts Wednesday, July 24, 2019 0
Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Sad to know what Jay Park is going thru. The fact even many Koreans view him in a not-so-nice way is just not-so-good attitude indeed. Surprising that SK is so industrialised modern advance roaring tigers economically yet the mentality the psyche is not progressing in tandem with the sort of western oriented modernised look & feel it has achieved. If what Jay Park sadly expressed & experienced in SK is true than those having such not nice POV & comments of JP can be pigeon-holed as having parochia/insular psychè ie.... (& that reminded me of the idiotic Aussie radio&tv hosts making stupid jokes/remarks of BTS. Little wonder I forgot they're stuck Down Under isolated from real world! Only these hosts are under the Ayers Rock. Gee real pity. Other Aussies r cool! G'day!) ....stuck in the back-water of time. Yet they eagerly adopting modern contemporary outlook dressing and all - so superficially pretentious! Not accepting own kind and even others outside of own zone is not fashionably 21st Century generation for sure -stuck in ancient times. What a pity too. Really my sympathy for these cretin creatures. Sorry😊The world is swept over by Hallyu-wave Kpop, Kfry chicken, 4F, binsoo desserts (luv mine with lots of almonds& red beans paste🤤🙃😜) fashion style etc etc et al! Yet it's baffling some or many Koreans bear not-very-nice attitude towards the likes or any likes of Jay Park for that matter?? Why so?? Not cool indeed. In fact really 'Shame shame shame!!!'. As you stated JP just stay strong, be resilient, persevere and always remember this: 'When the going gets tough the tough gets going!'. This also goes for all those struggling for society acceptance out there. Gee ALLPOP hope JP read this msg for added motivation in his Life😊



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Bolbbalgan4, BTOB, V, Crush, DEAN, Chen, Taeyeon, Heize, IU, offonoff, Baek Ye Rin
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