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Netizens put together a list of the most hilarious and weird debut name suggestions for the winners of 'Produce X101'


The finale of Mnet's 'Produce X101', the 4th season of the survival series, is fast approaching!

With only around 30 contestants remaining, fans of the series will soon find out which 11 of those contestants will earn the chance to debut in a global project boy group, promoting as a team for the length of 5 years. 

As many of you know, Mnet takes into consideration fans' suggestions when selecting the final name of the debut team. Just like during previous seasons, witty netizens couldn't hold back at the chance to come up with some of the craziest and most hilarious name suggestions! 

Remember, many of the names below were created in a joking/sarcastic manner!

1. BTEXONE / Reason: They can be a combination of the best boy groups.
2. Double S101 / Reason: I'm your man~
3. 1X1(One by One) / Reason: 1x1=1
4. foX / Reason: Because those PDs are sneaky just like foxes.
5. Song Joong Ki / Reason: Song-Song a.k.a Song Hyung Joon + Song Yoo Bin, Joong a.k.a Joong-go ("중고" or "secondhand"), and Ki a.k.a Ki-myo-han ("기묘한" or "Stranger [Things]")
6. X-boyfriend / Reason: They keep bothering you even though it's over.
7. Xiumin / Reason: Because Xiumin went to the army T.T
8. BTX / Reason: So they can go to the Billboard awards. Fandom name = Aemy (slang for "daughter-in-law")
9. MyVIC10TION / Reason: After all of the already debuted guys.
10. X Korea / Reason: They can become as famous as X Japan.

11. Wanna One 2019, Wanna Two, Wanna One X / Reason: Because Wanna One.
12. eXcel / Reason: Throwing shade at the excel sheet spoiler controversy.
13. X01 / Reason: It's pronounced Ek-Bang-One.
14. X / Reason: Because that damn 'X'.
15. MONSTA X / Reason: Because they need to split loudly, 'Clap!' (Reference to Jooheon's coaching of the Seventeen 'Clap' team)
16. weXawol / Reason: Because we miss Wei Zi Yue.
17. X1ZONE / Reason: Pronounced Ji-jon ("지존" or a word used to refer to the emperor)
18. X-one / Reason: A group of unknown quantity boys.
19. XieXie / Reason: Because the members are thankful that they were chosen to debut.
20. CIX / Reason: Steal Bae Jin Young's new group's name.

21. Xenophobia / Reason: Because the nation's producers kicked out all the foreign trainees.
22. Durex / Reason: Meaning the group will endure safely for 5 years without any 'accidents'.
23. XIXIGO / Reason: Become more famous than 'Bibigo' dumplings.
24. Billboard X / Reason: Do you seriously think this group can make it to the Billboard.

Some of netizens' reactions to reading the hilarious name suggestions included, "Wait why Song Jong Ki???? Kekekeke", "Fox is funny kekekeke I don't even know what they're trying to say it's just funny kekekeke", "WeXawol kekekekeke", "XieXie OMG kekekeke", "I laughed so hard at BTX and Aemy kekekeke", "How do people come up with these things kekekeke", "They just flat out wrote MONSTA X kekekeke, and the reason is 'Clap' keke", "They're pretty racy but funny kekekeke", "One by one seems like the most 'normal' one kekekeke", and more. 

Which one made you laugh the most?

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Saturday, June 22, 2019
21. Xenophobia / Reason: Because the nation's producers kicked out all the foreign trainees.

Damn !!!


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Saturday, June 22, 2019

i honestly think 1X1 (One by One) is a really clever name. it has the "X" from this season and it goes with the "1 or I" theme that they have been using. ex I.O.I, WannaOne, and I*Zone



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