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14U reportedly disbanded due to a member's inappropriate sexual relationship

Boy group, 14U, reportedly disbanded due to a member's inappropriate sexual relationship. 

According to Sports Today's exclusive report on May 13, the member had a sexual relationship with the head director of 14U's agency BGent and also an international fan.  

An insider reported to Sports Today, "The member, who has been having an inappropriate relationship with the head director, also had a relationship with a local fan in Japan... Other members found out he not only had a relationship with the head director but also a fan, and judged they can no longer maintain the team, ultimately leading to disbandment."

The parents of 14U are also reportedly aware of the member's inappropriate relationship. Following their schedule in Japan, the parents reportedly demanded contract termination, and everyone except the member of the issue terminated their contracts with BGent. 

Meanwhile, back on May 10, reports stated 14U, who debuted with 'VVV' in July 2017, disbanded due to the agency's favoritism of a member.

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Monday, May 13, 2019

Their Agency has already Denied all these allegations and released a statement.

You are too late on reporting news.

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Monday, May 13, 2019

THIS COMMENT IS FOR ADULTS: Having sex with the director is bad. Because it's unprofessional. However, Koreans need to realize that artist have sex with groupies all of the time. The legendary Beatles and Jackson 5 did, infamously so. It's completely normal. And since kpop is notorious for contractually obligating artist not to date I can't even imagine how deprived they are of a basic human need. Kpop literally deprives idols of something so natural I guarantee you a lot of idols probably have sex and we just think they're saints. If they were smart they'd get an NDA but it's nothing to be ashamed of to sleep with a fan. Basketball, rappers, R&B artist, like it's a thing

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