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Yoochun's lawyer claims MBC reported false information on CCTV and needle marks


Yoochun's lawyer, Kwon Chang Bum, spoke up against the reports by MBC's 'Newsdesk.'

On April 18, MBC reported Yoochun used the "throwing method" to pick up drugs for Hwang Hana, and the police also found needle marks on his hands. 

Lawyer Kwon strongly refuted the report and claimed MBC broadcasted false information. 

Kwon stated, "The reason why 'Newsdesk' report is problematic is that first, it stated he's been captured carrying what seems to be drugs at a quiet commercial building in Yeoksam-dong but this topic has never been questioned by the police yet. The fact they stated the police centered their questioning on a topic that has actually never even been brought up in the investigation is clearly false reporting."

The lawyer continued, "Secondly, it stated there are needle marks on Yoochun's hand but he injured his hand months ago and the scar is present not only on his hand but also on his pinky finger. In addition, his hand did not even show in the CCTV footage that was checked during the police investigation. The direction of the (MBC) report is seriously problematic." 

Lastly, Kwon stated, "As Yoochun's legal representative, I plan to request a correction on the false reporting to MBC."

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trogdorthe8th8,137 pts Thursday, April 18, 2019 1
Thursday, April 18, 2019

Things like this make the whole situation so confusing and hard to believe for both sides. MBC keeps putting out these extensive reports with specified points that would make him seem completely guilty of the crimes Hwang Hana has accused him, i.e. taking drugs, getting them for her, etc. But then his representatives and even the police keep coming forward and saying that these allegations are false and they have to make retractions. I don't want to sit here and say he's automatically innocent (because I still question how a person would have NO IDEA of the shady dealings of their fiance, especially with her track record), but I also don't want to point the finger and say he's guilty based on these reports which keep turning out to be misconstrued, embellished, or sometimes altogether false. Something stinks here, makes me wonder if Hwang's family is using their influence to push a narrative. It would be easy to do with someone like Yoochun, given his reputation from past allegations. However, it would also be just as easy to surmise that his team is banking on that theory as well to help his case. This is such a mess.


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Umbriel531 pts Thursday, April 18, 2019 0
Thursday, April 18, 2019

Yesterday I wrote this comment, so I'll copy paste it. /Don't trust MBC

I'm not taking his side but the media tries to frame him so bad. Read this carefully before downvoting.

Although the police acquired Yoochun's unshaved leg hair, the media kept reporting as if there was no hair of Yoochun left to test. Plus, Yoochun's urine test is also negative, why didnt you report it, AKP?

What korean media reported false?

Additionally, yesterday in the morning MBC wrote an article stating "Police confirmed obtainning the CCTV footage Yoochun and Hwang Hana using drugs together."

Few hours later a police official made a statement, "the media reports are not true. We have no CCTV footage of them using drugs together"

Later they reported Yoochun paying for drugs but still no response from the police.

Don't forget that a few days ago the media also reported "Police obtained the CCTV footage of Yoochun entering Hwang Hana's house."

And later it was confirmed that the CCTV footage showed Yoochun enterin his own home, not Hwang hana's.



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