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Hwang Hana allegedly bribed a friend to take the blame in the illegal drug case


Hwang Hana allegedly bribed her friend to take the blame. 

According to a report by MBC's 'News Desk,' back in September 2015, Hwang Hana distributed Philopon to college student Cho and encouraged her to inject the drug. Cho was put on probation while Hwang Hana was not even investigated by the police. 

At the court, Cho claimed Hwang Hana injected 0.16g of Philopon a total of 3 times in Cho's arms. However, experts claim 0.16g is enough for 3-4 adults to inject. Injecting the amount for just one person can lead to shock from an overdose. 

It's then revealed Cho was not only with Hwang Hana but also a friend Kim

An acquaintance of Kim claimed Hwang Hana bribed Cho to take the blame for her and Kim. The acquaintance said, "There were multiple people from what I heard. Around 9 in the evening, Hwang Hana called Cho to her house and handed 100 million KRW (87,336 USD) and told her to take all the blame."

The acquaintance continued, "Cho frequently said she received a bag filled with 50,000 KRW bills totaling up to 10 million KRW."

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changminbaby7,752 pts Monday, April 8, 2019 1
Monday, April 8, 2019

lol im not surprised anymore, another charge

waiting the investigation about her threatening victims and sharing illegal sex videos of the victims we didnt forget about it


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videlbriefs828 pts Monday, April 8, 2019 0
Monday, April 8, 2019

She’s dangerous not just with the drug use but her thinking that money solves all the problems and that’s she’s undeserving of any sort of consequences for her actions. This is what happens when poor parenting has big consequences when the child has the means to cause even more trouble because they weren’t raised properly especially with their status and now she’s a full blown mess. She’s at fault for what she’s doing now but her family isn’t off the hook for contributing to that because it’s not something that happens overnight.



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