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7 Times Sehun showed us he's the biggest EXO fanboy #HappySehunDay


On 'Knowing Bros,' the EXO members voted Sehun as the most loyal member of the group. So, as we celebrate Oh Sehun's Birthday for the 7th time since EXO's debut, let’s look back at some of 7 iconic moments where EXO’s Maknae on Top proves to us all that he is indeed EXO’s biggest fan.

1. Sehun surprises D.O at his show’s premiere

Sehun, dawned in all black was seen at his bandmate, D.O’s opening night for the premiere of his movie, 'Pure Love' in 2017. Sehun ran up to the front to surprise D.O with a bouquet of flowers before making a quick escape out the door. D.O was completely taken aback and was seen giggling at the surprise visit from his bandmate.


2. Sehun visiting Suho at his home for his birthday

In 2016, Sehun decides to celebrate EXO’s leader Suho’s birthday by planning a trip to his house and surprise him with a cake on vlive. It was mentioned that he only asked Chanyeol and Chen to follow him but Chen had told him he was too tired to come. The maknae and main rapper tried to make it a surprise but Suho had actually caught on due to receiving a notification when they started their vlive.

3. Sehun sends Suho 6 food trucks

In Suho’s "Dinner" MV filming, he had actually mentioned that he wanted the other members to send him a food truck. His roommate had definitely heard his request as the EXO visual sent him not one but six food trucks to the set his new show, 'Rich Man.' Suho, then took to the EXO official Instagram page to post a video to thank Sehun.

4. Sehun visits CBX at fansign

Many fans were pleasantly surprised when they attended the EXO-CBX fansign to catch an extremely good looking fanboy in line to get his CD signed as well. Even the Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin were caught by surprised when they saw Sehun standing in front of them to show support for their newly released extended play, 'Blooming Days' back in 2018

5. Sehun goes to CBX concert

In the midst of thousands of fans, Sehun and Chanyeol were seen excited rooting for their fellow bandmates while jamming to their songs at their concert. It is obvious that both of them are big fans of their other bandmates’ accomplishments.

6. Sehun surprising Suho at his musical

At Suho’s The Last Kiss musical, Sehun was spotted watching the musical alone to cheer on his good friend. At one of Suho’s shows, he had allegedly broken down during the suicide scene of the performance as it was just a few days after the passing of his good friend, Shinee's Jonghyun. Sehun, who was at that performance, shouted his name, “Kim Junmyeon!” to cheer for him and praise him for giving an amazing performance despite having to cope with his loss of a friend.

7. Sehun gives updates and posts about fellow members' achievements 

Sehun always makes it a point to constantly update fans of the other members’ achievements. It is obvious that he cares a great deal about his bandmates through constantly posting pictures to remind fans to show his bandmates support and love for their latest promotions.

These 7 acts are just some of many ways that EXO's cutest Maknae has shown his love for his hyungs and that is one of the biggest EXO fanboy! Happy 26th Birthday to our Amazing Maknae Oh Sehun! We hope he knows all his hyungs love him just as much! 

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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Happy sehun day!! Be happy and stay healthy!!! ❤️💙💚🧡🖤



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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Belated happy birthday sehun ❤️ Love from exols



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