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[TW: Rape] President Moon Jae In issues emergency orders to thoroughly investigate the cases of the Burning Sun, Jang Ja Yeon and Kim Hak Eui


On the 18th of March, president Moon Jae In officially issued emergency orders to thoroughly investigate the Burning Sun, Jang Ja Yeon's suicide case and Kim Hak Eui's orgy/rape scandal.

  1. "The case of the Gangnam club is a case of suspicion that criminal activities including the use of narcotics and sexual violence by privileged groups including entertainers have happened with help from some authorities such as the police and the National Tax Service. If the suspicions are true, it would be a great shock. Although this has happened under the past government, it is probable that the same behavior has been passed to thelis government, so thorough investigations and investigations are needed regardless. Similar illegal activities, criminal behavior, and collusion with power institutions may exist in other similar entertainment establishments, so there should also be intensive investigations and investigations on those parts. The common characteristic is that it involves the privileged and the investigative agencies such as the prosecution and police have been intentionally conducting a bad investigation or actively obstructing the investigation of the truth. The incidents may be a thing of the past, but I want you to keep in mind that it is the responsibility of the current leadership of the prosecution and the police to reveal its truth, reveal its own shame, and become a trusted assessment agency again. There can be parts where the statute of limitations is over as it is an old case, and there can be parts where it isn't. I hope that the statute of limitations is covered by the facts & that if there is any criminal activity that remains, we will give strict judicial treatment. The public, along with demands for truthfulness, is expressing strong suspicion and anger over what has happened and why in the past investigation. If we don't find out the truth about these cases involving the privileged class, we won't be able to say we're a just society."

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By now most of us already familiar with what happened at the Burning Sun and the ongoing slew of scandals that come out of it. The Burning Sun'sstaff allegedly drugged woman and would bring them to private rooms for VIPs on demand for them to sex with. This led to the uncovering of chatrooms between celebrities and high profile members of society sharing videos of woman without their knowing and consent and usage and distributionof prostitution. 

Jang Ja Yeon, mostly known for her role in Boys Over Flowers, commited suicide in 2009. In her suicide note she revealed she was forced to entertain and sleep with several prominent figures (the numbers range from 10 to 31, depending on numbers named from the suicide note and numbers from the letters she allegedly sent to an inmate). None of the names mentioned in the note were prosecuted. (You can find an overview of the case here)

Kim Hak Eui was appointed the No.2 official in the Justice Ministery in March of 2013. Only six days after being appointed, Kim was forced to resign, after he was accused of having visited a sex party hosted by contractor Yoon Jung Cheon, who was later revealed to have thrown a number of such parties with high profile figures attending in order to gain favors.

Even though both Yoon and Kim had been identified, prosecution ended the investigation in November of the same year, on the claim of not being able to identify the woman in the video. This led to rumors of the case being covered up by the prosecution. This theory being strengthened when the second investigation in 2014 also led to no charges. This investigation was started after a woman identified by her surname 'Lee' came forward. She claimed both Yoon and Kim had raped her on several occasions after being drugged by Yoon during these parties. 30 other woman were also revealed to have been forced to have sex with high profile figures. 

In 2017, the case was re-opened when the Moon Jae In administration came into power.

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    Monday, March 18, 2019

    maybe people will actually take this seriously now.. arrest them all.


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    Monday, March 18, 2019

    Hoh. With the president wading in now those scum are going to get it. Big time.


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