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Highlight's Junhyung personally denies being involved in the hidden camera controversy


Highlight's Junhyung personally spoke up about the controversial hidden camera messages. 

On March 11, Junhyung addressed the issue and strongly denied any involvement. His post reads as follows:

"Hello, this is Yong Junhyung. 

I am baffled myself and I believe there are many who are concerned because of me so I'm posting this. 

I was so startled when I heard the rumors stating I joined or was involved in the case that was reported today. Aside from the truth, I got to look back at myself just at the fact how my name was named in such a case.  

The report, which cut off the front and back, is not true at all. I did not even recognize that such things happened when I heard the report. I understand you might think the things I've said thoughtlessly are wrong. I will be more cautious with all my actions."

Earlier, Junhyung was accused of being the singer 'Yong' in Jung Joon Young's controversial messages, where he distributed hidden camera footages of at least 10 women. 

Around US Entertainment strongly denied Junhyung's involvement in the controversial messages, and stated he was not part of the group chat. However, he is indeed the 'Yong' but the messages with Jung Joon Young was a one-on-one chat from 2016; around the time when Jung Joon Young was stirred up in a sexual assault controversy.

When Jung Joon Young's sexual assault news broke out, Junhyung texted Jung Joon Young asking what is happening. Jung Joon Young replied, "The video I've sent got caught lolol," and Junhyung replied, "You got caught by the girl?" 

The messages were reported as if it were part of the controversial group chat, according to Around US Entertainment.  

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Monday, March 11, 2019

This is so gonna become a witch hunting but hopefully the truth comes out and there's justice for everyone involved whether it's good or bad.


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Monday, March 11, 2019

Since it's little confusing here, this is official statement of AU. If it's the truth he's not even involved in this scandal..



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