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Pledis CEO addresses issues on YouTube channels merging + Seventeen's private info leaking


CEO Han Sung Soo of Pledis Entertainment posted an official statement about the recent issues involving Seventeen

On December 19, the official statement by the CEO is shared on Seventeen's official fan cafe. Han first addressed the issues on Seventeen's privacy. The agency has confirmed that several fans have violated the artists' privacy at the '2018 Seventeen Concert 'Ideal Cut - The Final Scene' in Seoul' back on November 4. The fans of the issue have been expelled from the official fan club. 

Secondly, the agency states the rumors about Pledis staff members having personal interaction and exchanges with several Seventeen fans are false. However, it is true that Seventeen's schedule and private info have been leaked through staff members' social media accounts. The CEO apologized and assured the staff members in question will be given further training, as well as penalties. 

Lastly, the CEO spoke up about the concerns on the YouTube channel merge. His decision will not change. Pledis will merge all channels as originally planned. The CEO explained the merge is for the benefit of Pledis Entertainment, in order for the agency to grow into a bigger, stronger company. 

You can read the full translated statement below.

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Secretninja3122,016 pts Wednesday, December 19, 2018 0
Wednesday, December 19, 2018

if the CEO made the decision to merge all Pledis videos to one channel and clearly he’s remaining firm on that, I think we should respect it. Don’t like it? Just don’t subscribe to the channel or steam the MVs elsewhere like vlive. PLEASE PLEASE don’t dislike or report Seventeen’s teaser and MV when it comes out! That’ll only hurt Seventeen as an artist and no good will come out of it.



SvtSeher0 pt Wednesday, December 19, 2018 1
Wednesday, December 19, 2018

#SEVENTEEN Dear Carats, take a look around the other companies channels & you will know that Pledis isn't wrong in their decision.Pledis fandom has to be created 4 @pledis_17 to Bcome big & reach new highest along with other Pledis groups because they r family & Stronger together. There are big 3 fandoms who supported not only their groups but also groups of the same companies. To mention one example stray kids had 28 M within the week if their DEBUTE while @pledis_17 Oh My had reached 28 M after 5 months because there is no Pledis fandom. #SEVENTEEN will Gain more fans with this decision & Carats can support Pledis groups on their comebacks, why not? We will B making #SEVENTEEN stronger by making Pledis stronger. @pledis_17 deserves more power & it will come from Pledis, so B mature, look at the bigger picture & support them all! Don't make #SEVENTEEN alone in the big crowd by not making Pledis stronger, @pledis_17 is ignored and overlooked because they don't come from a stronger company, so let's give the company the power to prevent any unjusties that #Svt has been tolerating for years. Seventeen can reach new highest if Pledis is strong enough to invest in Seventeen. Make Seventeen stronger by making Pledis stronger so they can concentrate on making seventeen not face the ill treatment they have been facing for years...


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