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Posted by LeJulie AKP STAFF Tuesday, July 24, 2018

From Baby Panda to CEO: 10 Reasons to Love Seungri

1. He Loves His Hyungs
No one loves Big Bang as much as Seungri. Since everyone else from Big Bang has enlisted in the army, Seungri has been receiving a lot of attention. During an interview for his first Chinese film preview screen 'Love in Universe' or 'Love Only' he states that even though his hyungs will return he misses them already. On stage and off stage, Seungri is always looking after his hyungs to make sure they're well. On one occasion he pulled T.O.P and Daesung out of harm's way when they forgot about the fireworks and strayed too close to the audience.
2. He's Caring
As stated before, Seungri loves his hyungs. He does all that he can to take care of them and their fans. On stage, he notices his hyungs and the things they need. Here he can be seen tying T.O.P's laces. In other cases, Seungri also donated and handed out 130,000 coal briquettes to folks in the winter alongside YG sunbae Sean. He promised 30,000 but he ended up adding 100,000 more.
3. He's HA-larious
Seungri knows that he's a charming and lovable man which is part of the reason so many people love him. But one of his best qualities is his humor and willingness to play around even while on stage. You can't deny he made quite the scene when he serenaded various men during his part of "Bae Bae.''
4. His Vocals
His voice is both powerful and smooth. There's not much to say other than listen to him sing and the emotions he evokes.
5. His Business Acumen
He's a CEO of a large ramen franchise and he's making a lot of money thanks to his business acumen. People underestimated Seungri but he has proven to be quite the businessman.
6. His Love For Fans
Seungri has always loved his fans and does what he can to remind his fans they're his greatest pride and joy. He even learned different languages so he can communicate with them.
7. He Perseveres
In case you didn't know, Big Bang went through a rough audition to be formed into the legends they are. Seungri was originally dropped from the group but he came right back and pushed for another chance resulting in his presence now as one of the most influential members in the K-Pop industry. Despite all the difficulties he faces, he pushes through and remains a great idol for many people to look up to.
8. His Aegyo
His aegyo is on a whole new level that expresses all he is. Sometimes it may be a little too much even his hyungs can't handle it but that's part of why we love him.
9. His Stage Presence
From the goofy goober to charismatic and sexy, Seungri can do it all. His smolder is one to die for.
10. He is Everything
He always reminds his hyungs and his fans that they are everything to him. But sometimes he forgets he's everything to us as well.

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