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Jin Hua's mother tells Ham So Won to eat pig eyes to give birth to a handsome son

Jin Hua's mother shared tips to Ham So Won.

On the July 24 airing of TV Chosun's 'Flavor of Wife', Jin Hua, his mother, and Ham So Won continued to spend quality time together. 

Ham So Won, who's pregnant with her first baby, commented, "Jin Hua's eyes and nose are so beautiful. I also want to have a baby like him." Hearing this, Jin Hua's mother said, "I have a method. Buy pig eyes when you are 4 months pregnant. Broil the two pig eyes and eat it. Then the baby will have the eyebrows, eyelashes, and nose of the father. I've also learned this from my mother-in-law."

The panelists watching the scene from the studio expressed shock. Ham So Won explained, "All the wives in my husband's family has eaten that when they were pregnant. You broil it and eat it with salt. I'm the type that eats well but I was kind of scared by the pig eyes."

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