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Posted by eric_r_wirsing AKP STAFF Tuesday, October 3, 2017

[Song & MV Review] Nada – Trippin'




1. Trippin'

Nada is back in the house! The ex-Wassup singer just dropped her comeback single, "Trippin'!" Nada's hands are all over this, lyrics, composition, etc, even getting Multi-Platinum, Grammy Award-Winning producer Jared Lee Gosselin to mix her current single. 

It's definitely a noisy production, with tons more going on than in a typical Wassup track. It has this sense of crashing cacophony during the breaks that really push it to otherworldly status. It's outre, alien, and definitely out there. It almost threatens to be overwhelming.  

That beat! I've always said I was more into interesting chords than anything because I've heard just about everything in the normal sound spectrum. Find something different. And this is different. Suffused in bass and oddly-timed, it's something right out of the Twilight Zone.

Nada herself is in top form. I've always liked her rapping, and this is no exception.Would it be as good MR removed? I can't say, but I like her flow here. It's drenched in attitude, which is what rap tracks really need. It's almost like a middle finger to her old company.

We haven't heard anything from Nada since her stint on 'Unpretty Rapstar.' She's had solo outings before, so this is not a debut, except with a new concept. She's loud, boisterous, bold, and undeniably in your face. And that is a good thing.


The MV is kind of a hot mess and I'm even being polite when I say that. I suppose it might go right along with what you might be seeing if you're trippin', but that's like no trip I've been on. There are scenes in different screen formats, splashed with different colors, and various other special effects. It's an assault on the senses.

The eye doesn't know what to settle on first. I like packed videos, but this somehow doesn't fit the bill. There's this scene, then that one, then back to this one, then a completely different one, and there's no time to take a breath. No time to process what you're seeing. It's unfocused, and that is a shame.

Ultimately, it could be a decent MV, if we could just settle on what we're watching. You had potential but the execution was lacking. I don't want a boring MV, but I certainly don't want something that gives me a headache. If you'll excuse me, I need to grab some ibuprofen.


MV Relevance.......7
MV Production......7
MV Concept..........6



  1. Nada
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