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Posted by eric_r_wirsing AKP STAFF Saturday, September 23, 2017

[MV & Album Review] ODD EYE CIRCLE [LOONA] – 'Mix & Match'



Track List:

1. ODD
2. Girl Front *Title
4. Chaotic
5. Starlight

LOONA's second subunit ODD EYE CIRCLE has just dropped their first ever mini-album. The trio consists of Choerry, JinSoul, and Kim Lip. Their new EP 'Mix & Match' has five fresh tracks, including the title track "Girl Front." This group is one you should keep your eye on and I mean that literally as every member is stunning.

"ODD" is the intro track, and it does its job, no more no less. It's an okay instrumental but does little to set the tone for the rest of the EP.

The title track "Girl Front" is a bit of a mixed bag. On one hand, they bring the cheerful, upbeat pop reminiscent of April and A Pink. On the other hand, there's this creepy, autotuned, down-pitched vocal sample that puts an odd edge to the production. Funny, how one thing can mess up an otherwise good song. Still, I really enjoy the staccato at the beginning, not to mention the beat. 

"LOONATIC" is a semi-playful song, and I love the echo effect they put in this one. It sounds a lot like a dreamscape, and their vocals are beautiful. The backing track sounds like some of the alt-rock of the 90s, in fac,t the whole track reminds me of dream pop. Which is not a bad thing. We need more of that nowadays.

"Chaotic" is a beautiful departure from the rest of the EP, sweet and seductive in equal measure. I love the R&B influences in the main verses, and the harmonies are lit. I also heart the synth washes in the chorus. Frankly, this is the best tune on the disc. It's anything but chaotic.

The harmonies in "Starlight" are even more amazing, if that's possible. They slow things down for this hybrid ballad. The melody is quicker, though, not to mention the frantic pace of some of the vocals. It's a pretty song, refreshing even, and leaves you feeling good.

Not a bad debut at all. One of the things I like is that the songs are distinct from other girl bands doing the same thing (though the title track sounds a little like Hello Venus' "Runway"). I happen to love some of the harmonies, and I like how effortlessly they slip into R&B mode -- "Chaotic" is like a glass slipper to their feet. And the choruses are exciting enough for my tastes.  


For the previous solo releases from LOONA, the girls did a lot of traveling. You saw them in places like China and Japan and this time it's no different as they traveled to Los Angeles to film the MV. I don't know that if it's fair to say that this MV has no narrative, but there are a few vaguely connected scenes. Like when a map is folded into a paper airplane and thrown to another member in another scene, for example.

The dancing is pretty standard. It's good, but nothing amazing. LOONA's dancing bona fides have already been established, however. They've been nothing if not prolific, and there's some obvious talent there. It shows here as well.

Other than that, I liked the little narrative that we got, that they were trying to find each other and set off in search of it. Using maps, walking down empty stretches of road, always in search of the other girls. More than that was how it was filmed, with warm colors and quick zoom outs, location switches, and just a fun time.

So yeah, I definitely pushed "like" on this one on YouTube.


MV Relevance...........8
MV Production..........8
MV Concept..............8

Album Production.....8
Album Concept.........9


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