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University receives backlash after saying they can only afford Lovelyz instead of Red Velvet and TWICE

It appears that the Students Association at the Korea Aerospace University is receiving criticism from netizens and fans of Lovelyz after putting up an apology post for casting the group for a University festival event.

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The incident started when the Students Association at the University cast Lovelyz for an upcoming festival event. After finding out the girls were scheduled to perform at the event, some students expressed their discontent of the group choice and stated they wanted to see TWICE or Red Velvet instead of Lovelyz. Upon seeing the negative feedback, the Student Association put up an apology post through their Facebook page. 

The apology reads, "The reason we chose to go with Lovelyz was because artists like Red Velvet and TWICE's fees were too high that if we were to cast them, we would have had to invest all of our budget just on them. The performance time frame is very limited that we thought it would have been inefficient. We were unable to make the decisions after conducting a survey among the students because we did not have the luxury of long preparation time. Considering the condition of the University, the celebrities choices were very limited and those who were possible/available were all hip-hop artists. For example, Geeks' Lil' Boi is an alumnus of the University and so he hoped to perform at the festival and San E was selected because his songs were something the audience could sing along as we were unable to cast anyone from the Ballad or Rock genre area. We would like to sincerely apologize once again for causing the controversy above and if you have any questions, we will earnestly answer all of them."

However, upon seeing this apology post, fans of Lovelyz and netizens became outraged at the comments made by the Association as they treated the group as an object and also considered them "cheap" compared to other artists. 

Some of the comments read, "What's wrong with Lovelyz?", "Wow what is this...this is really rude", "This a very inconsiderate behavior towards Lovelyz", "Uh...even from the first line, I think it's considered rude to say that...", "How can you put price tag on people?", "I hope the whole event just gets canceled", and much more.

What do you think of the situation?

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