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Posted by elliefilet Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Actress Moon Geun Young assures fans she's okay after health scare

Moon Geun Young
Actress Moon Geun Young assured fans she's doing okay after her previous health scare.

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Earlier this year, Moon Geun Young underwent multiple surgeries for compartment syndrome, and though her label announced she was stable, fans wanted to hear from the actress herself. On June 28, Moon Geun Young posted the photo of the mug below as well as the message:

"I really like this cup. To be honest, I'm not really a person who gets attached to things, so I'm not sure why. Anyway in spite of that, this cup is still by my side. I like witches because I dreamed of them once. It's possible I could still be dreaming... In a way, my natural mistakes, failures, and changes (though I didn't accept them naturally) are things I have to live through because I'm alive. It was tough to share everything with someone else. Now that time has passed, I think I'm thankful that I've had a life where someone was there to see me mature, watch me make bad mistakes, and cheer me on when I was dumb in situations. Suddenly it occurred to me. I washed this cup clean. #I'm doing well #Don't worry #I'm sorry #More than that #I'm grateful #Day649."

It's good to see she's doing well!

정말 좋아하는 컵. 사실 그 어떤 것에도 애착이라는 걸 잘 갖는 사람이 아니라서. 왜인지는 모르겠지만.. 쨋든- 그럼에도 불구하고- 여전히 내 곁에 존재하는 이 컵. 마녀를 좋아해서, 꿈 꿨던 적이 있어서. 어쩌면 지금도 꿈 꾸고 있는지도 몰라. 암튼- 어쩌면.. 자연스러운 실수도, 실패도, 변화도. (물론 나는 그걸 자연스럽게 수용하지 못했지만) 살아가야하기 때문에, 살아있기 때문에, 있었던 모든 과정들을 누군가와 공유한다는 게 엄청 힘들었었는데- 지나고보니 나의 성장 과정을 누군가가 함께 해주고, 심지어는 그 모자라고 부족한 선택들을 지켜봐주고, 더더 심지어는 그 바보같은 순간들을 응원해주고, 그런 삶을 살았다는 것에.. 새삼 감사하단 생각이 들었다. 문득- 그래. 이 컵을 깨끗이 씻다가. #나잘있어 #걱정마 #미안하고 #그보다 #더 #고마워 #Day649

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