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Tao's lawsuit regarding reexamination of contract against SM Entertainment dismissed

By beansss   Friday, April 28, 2017   97,613   5,827   0



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The Seoul Central District Court has dismissed former EXO member Tao's lawsuit which asked to reexamine the exclusive contract between him and SM Entertainment

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The following is SM Entertainment's official statement: 

"Hello, this is SM Entertainment. 

On April 28, 2017, the Seoul Central District Court concluded the dismissal of Tao's claim to reexamine the efficiency of his exclusive contract. As a result, his entire lawsuit has been made void.

SM Entertainment welcomes the court's decision, and promises to carry out even more active business in China and Asia. Through this decision, we also hope that a system of abiding by the terms of fair entertainment contracts will be practiced widely, and expect further developments in the progress of entertainment industries in Korea, China, and the rest of Asia."

Tao filed to leave EXO and SM Entertainment back in August of 2015, and previously also lost a lawsuit regarding a temporary payment claim. This latest decision seems to declare SM Entertainment the overall victor of the lawsuits. 

  1. Tao

kimmiefonze Wednesday, May 3, 2017

At the end of the day, Tao is lucky he debuted in EXO. Because without EXO, Tao would be a nobody. This would be difficult to accept but that's the truth and if any of you fucks over the company you are working for, your company will fuck you worse.

Winston Saturday, April 29, 2017

Hopefully all those SM ROOKIES, who havent officially debut will take all these as a lesson and READ through their contracts they are offered before they become the NEXT Boy group idols in SM after NCT, or joining NCT. Understand what it takes and what you sacrifice as an idol before you decide to jump into the entertainment world only to file a lawsuit 2 or 3 years later, especially the overseas ones. I find most of those who file lawsuits tend to be from China, as compared to trainees from say USA, Canada, Thailand, and such, maybe they know that they if they quit they dun have a entertainment career back in their own country, where as the chinese trainees know their fame can bring them contracts in acting or singing in China market, and are tempted to go solo back home.

allkpopellie Winston Sunday, April 30, 2017

Imo, most Chinese kids, the rich kids, being only child and being raised with a silver spoon, don't have the mindset to go through adversity. Look at Jackie Chan's son, a disappointment, he said so... Look at Siwon, a real success ..., I hope China changes that only child policy, most of that generation is rotten. Well, China should also take care of their child, North Korea first, they raise that country to be horrible and now tells the world, it's not only on them to take care of that problematic country.

Winston allkpopellie Monday, May 1, 2017

Firstly Jackie Chan dun have the "one child policy problem' because he was under Hong Kong's law at that time, and his kid is a disappointment partly due to his own busy schedules which he neglected his duties as a dad to his child, and his wife or rather his marriage isnt really that "good" to speak about either, so i can see why his kid grow up like that. About North Korea, I think compared to the previous N.Korean leaders which are from the olden times as the Chinese leaders than, the current North Korean leader is less "obedient" and dun listen or respect China as much, his dad or grandfather may bow to chinese pressure in the past with the past leaders like Hu Jin Tao or Deng Xiao Ping. but the young North Korean leader seems keen on making his country a nuclear power with the reach to hit not just all of South korea/Japan but also US too. hence his tests on rocket engines, long range missiles, and recently submarine launched missiles. So i dun think its fair to think that China has the ability to tell North Korea what to do and that Kim Jong Un will actually listen.

allkpopellie Winston Monday, May 1, 2017

Jackie Chan's life was ... I wouldn't want to be him, even though I admire him. I still believe that this is unfair that SK, Japan, the US and even the UN are called to take care of NK. This is China not taking responsibility for the psychotic monster they raised, NK would have collapsed years ago if it wasn't for China feeding them, I can't hide that I'm disappointed in China, that even someone like Trump with no background in politics was able to point out a problem that they couldn't see, which was just under their nose. They raise NK to what it is now, but I guess can't be helped.

Winston allkpopellie Monday, May 1, 2017

The current North Korean leader is someone who can arrest and sentence his own uncle to death, and even assassinate his own half-brother in another country, i think even China caught off guard at the brutality and the actions that they dunno what he will be thinking next. The only reason why USA hasnt charge/march into Pyong Yang and removed him as what they did to Saddam is that N.Korea has VERIFIED nuclear weapons, and they dun want to risk N.Korea using it as a retaliation against a US strike and their allies if they invade, but the longer they delay removing him, the more time N.Korea has to develop and grow their expertise in missile tech that they may one day really succeed in mastering the ability to land a missile on West Coast of USA, or firing one from a submerged submarine, which will be hard to locate off the coast of USA. Unless of cos, some top general in N.Korea did a coup and removed his leader, but it may be hard since Kim Jong Un seems good and "removing" anyone he suspects to be against him or a threat to him.

allkpopellie Winston Monday, May 1, 2017

wow, you know a lot, reading your comment, it seems like there's no hope for a better tomorrow p_p for the Korean peninsula. I just hope he won't attack SK and Japan with a nuke, same for the US, sigh... I have been following the news closely and this is a mess and a lot of uncertainty going on, and I don't believe that talks can happen with NK unless the leader is starving and dying. I'm also glad Trump is not being reckless.

Winston allkpopellie Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Until he has achieved some confident success in his missile tests, his actions are more to show the world that he is not be be treated lightly and that his nuclear weapons is the only thing keeping his regime in power against a USA strike. so he wont be giving it up, even though China is offering his country "protection" from US attack if he gives up his nuclear arsenal, however that will make him nothing more than China's puppet, or puppy cowering under their umbrella if he does that. He knows that if he wants to live a LAP of luxury and enjoy his rule, he wont ever start a war, but he will "throw tantrums" and make a fuss, too keep his soldiers and countrymen, fear of his power and brutality, else someone may decide he is too "soft a leader" to rule and overthrow him., South Koreans know that which is why the mood in the country is peaceful and not worried about his "threats" and missile tests, also partly they know US and Japan will be the first to strike if he ever send his troops across the DMZ anyway. So i think the "Stalemate" and will be around for the next 10 or 20 years, until he finally gains the ability to threaten US soil, and that the next US President or Trump decides that the danger is too high and that they should remove him by force. I think its more likely US may use tactics like "Buying over a few generals in N.Korea to conduct a coup" or send in a assassination attempt. to try and change the leadership, before the nukes get fired off. Possibly try to sway the top general in charge of the nuclear arsenal. I think Unless Trump starts the war first, it is likely the status quo will be the same until Trump's 4 year term ends, (UNLESS trump wins his second term in office), lol

allkpopellie Winston Tuesday, May 2, 2017

So you think all he's doing is just for show? But someone needs to redirect the little guy, and I would love China to do it, it's like giving a gun to a psycho and letting him parade and threaten people on the street. It's dangerous. I think China is dumb too imo, the little guy just threatens again to launch nukes, and China is still whining about the THAAD, instead of taking care of their child. I'm not even sure Trump can survive this 4 year term, he might be subject to a cardiac arrest soon lol. I'm sure he's regretting by now, but still wants to persevere I guess. It has been years and no country was able to stop NK, I mean with China backing up that psycho, of course countries don't want to deal with China and nK, and all want peace. Yep, SK knows the US and Japan are gone be there, the NATO joined in too... We shall see :)

Winston allkpopellie Tuesday, May 2, 2017

nah he is making a nice show to pamper his old generals that he is someone who "isnt afraid" of US. I will bet that he wont be the one starting the war first. unless Trump is err.. the one who pushed the button first. I saw his interview on TV, he was saying how USA can "make China to make that man disappear" I would love to see him try and force China to kill Kim Jong Un or try and unseat him from power. I think rather than Trump getting a cardiac arrest, I can smell a lot of discontent about his "100 days in presidency" like him removing the Michelle Obama's Education for girls program, and maybe even Obamacare. i think he may be having a shorter presidential term than 4 years. assuming he made it to his first anniversary.

allkpopellie Winston Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I think you are really good at reading him lol, he just asked the help of the ASEAN, I thought that someone as crazy and isolated as him would keep on going solo, but I guess he really doesn't want a war. How do you know him so well? lol Pfff... China is not helping and not going to help. I'm sure other countries are watching the F4 dummies (Xi, Trump, Kim, Putin) drama. How did this world end up with 4 dummies like that at the same time? Trump would love to be impeached imo, he presented himself almost as a dare game I guess and got the votes unfortunately. Those 100 days were a mess, people have been telling me that Trump was going to be impeached, but doesn't seem like this is happening. We are stuck...

Winston allkpopellie Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Well just hang in there, 4 years will be over in a blink of an eye. Trump seems to think he can get countries to pay for what America decides to do, (like getting Mexico to foot the bill for the Wall, or getting Seoul to pay for the THAAD deployment) both countries replied no way. I think his fans seems to like it when he talks big, about how he is going to make others do this and that, and that America is going to be great again, and jobs are all coming back to America. it all sounds too good to be true, if only being the US President was as easy as talking. I think his voters still seems to have faith and patience and watching him to see if he fufils his promise about getting the jobs back. If he doesnt deliver, say in about a years time, i think they may run out of patience also. Well unlike Trump, People like Xi, Putin and whoever is the new Skorean president, is more concerned with domestic issues as they should be, and to China, keeping N.Korea in check isnt as high priority to them as keeping Taiwan president in check and cross straits ties. If N,Korea even used a nuclear weapon, I can tell you its wont be USA who will be the most furious, because the nuclear dust and cloud will be affecting China's cities and China may well be the first to march in and give him a kick. So I dun think Kim Jong Un will do it in China's backyard. Unless USA attack first.

ihavemyownkey Saturday, April 29, 2017

Welp... SMent was so wrong, though. Why did a court of law decide they weren't?Tao left because he got greedy, saw all the money and glory in China because of his association with EXO and left. So injured, but was promoting within days of leaving. I'm glad he lost. You shouldn't sign contracts without 'examining' them in the first place. Here's your lesson for the week, kiddies; If ever you need to sign a contract for any reason. GET LAWYER to look it over first. Lawyers can read what YOU and your mom and dad can't. They speak the language, and know the law. Don't be like Tao. Be smart.

Winston ihavemyownkey Saturday, April 29, 2017

Many times when the contract is offered its like a kid being offered candy, it will seems so OMG am i dreaming? SM? Idol? Me? and most kids ard 11-15yrs old will sign without much of thought. Even though the chance to debut is uncertain, and the life is hard. The fame and glory is what most people see. In the case of Overseas trainees, they dun consider the fact they will be Homesick from Years of being away from home, some can handle it, some cant, Some will make new friends in Korea, some will be lonely and "cry when they are alone" thinking of their family.

ihavemyownkey Winston Sunday, April 30, 2017

I get all that. But... If SMent allowed this one kid to get away with this, how could they run a functioning business. That's what people keep forgetting. SMent is a BUSINESS. They make money. People need to make sure they know what they're doing before getting into bed with a business. If they allow one kid to do this and get away with it, how would they stay in business? They would constantly be putting out money, and never getting a return. Sment's exploits are well known in Korea AND China. The idol wannabes need to take heed, and act accordingly. SMent is known for being hard on idols, which is why they are the best in the industry. So... Sign with someone better.... Wait... There is no one better.

RAS33 Saturday, April 29, 2017

People see this as an SM thing but do you know how many companies's do it because people leave them right before debut, so sm isn't the only one. The worst is SM has reasons some companies pretend and train people asking for a money and then get rigged.

Winston RAS33 Saturday, April 29, 2017

There are MANY people who have gotten scammed from Nugu agencies offering kids a chance to be famous, or say they are "forming an idol group" and he thinks you have what it takes. but end up the agency disbands before they even debut. i think lawsuits are only a tip of the iceberg.

amarei Saturday, April 29, 2017

To the people that think SM is evil, they are not and what they do is fair. To simplify it for people that don't understand: The trainees are essentially taking a loan from SM (training), just because they stop midway or want to change their mind does not change the fact that they already borrowed the money. You have to pay back what you borrowed with interest.

Winston amarei Saturday, April 29, 2017

I think "taking a loan" is sort of incorrect, I would say its like taking a "bond" where you are expected to work for the person who sponsored your "education" (in this case the education would in the sense of vocal, dance and acting training), so the longer your training period, the longer you have to work back to repay it, so a 3 year trainee tends to have less "debt" than a 7 year trainee. some agencys cut the trainees when they dun see any potential in him or her, and dun think he or she can debut at all. in cases like this, the agency took the loss, and cut the loss early, so there isnt a penalty on the trainee, unless they found the trainee to have breached some rules.

michellexoxo Friday, April 28, 2017

'we also hope that a system of abiding by the terms of fair entertainment contracts will be practised widely'...well sm, your contracts are not fair and illegal in the first place

Winston michellexoxo Saturday, April 29, 2017

what is 'illegal', basically it means against the LAW, and in this case, the law we are judging against is that of Korea's laws, and since a Korean court ruled in favor of SM, i would say they are legal in Korea's context. not for us to decide its not. As for talking about "fair", whats "not fair" when you are offered a contract, had a chance to read it through, took a pen and signed it yourself and agreeing to bide by the rules, then change your mind. no one forced Tao to come from China to korea to be an idol, if he think its hard he would have quit when he was a trainee, surely he saw how his sunbaes did when they debut, how little sleep an idol has, look at Somi? 16 years old, 2 hrs of sleep when practising for Unnis, is it "fair" ? Sure, she agreed to it.

chiyasuho Friday, April 28, 2017

isnt it years and years already happening? it not over yet the lawsuit? I tought SM is so rich that he doesnt need money anymore. it been long time ago cant SM just let it go? As always selfish SM over working his artist but his own idol never use they own hardwork money

Winston chiyasuho Saturday, April 29, 2017

its Business, its not about letting go, its about setting things right. if they let Tao break the contract and go back to China, as and when he feels homesick. then other Chinese trainees or artists may want to do the same, when they miss their mummys and home food. then why do they even come to Korea to seek debut in the first place.

JJJ1234 Friday, April 28, 2017

Tao seems to be the less rich amongst Kris and Luhan. Looks like all his $$$ are gone..

mind_blown Friday, April 28, 2017

Well that sucks

liviekate Friday, April 28, 2017

he has to pay off the millions they spent preparing exo and all of the endorsements he doesnt do and concerts and shit, etc because he is still contractually under the company. listen. you can hate on tao and sm all you fucking want but he signed a CONTRACT and read through that entire thing knowing exactly what would happen if he tried to get out of it. this isnt a "sm is evil" situation. this is how reality works in any business deal. sm could let him go without financial punishment, but why would they? it sounds like they were blindsided with his leave after saying so much shit about kris and luhan leaving. it sounds like im hating on tao but i hate this whole "sm is evil". in this situation, they're not. they're not obliged to do anything because he is getting what was expected in the end. he signed with the biggest entertainment company in the whole country, there is no doubt in my mind he read that contract entirely.

Exitii liviekate Friday, April 28, 2017

SM is some sort of tyrant,not because of Tao,but because of their overall treatment of the singers and staff.Someone who see people as numbers and items is not from the good side

Exitii Friday, April 28, 2017

Anyway even SM are getting better,Tao just signed the contract in darker days

liviekate Exitii Friday, April 28, 2017

true, but what can you expect from such a massive company like sm? There is no successful company that doesn't in a way look at employees like statistics. Sure its not exactly humane, but SM is not the only one who does it. People like to look at JYP and YG as kinder companies because their CEOs often treat them or promote them, but they do the same. If they look at the numbers for an artist and it's not up to the standard that they regularly expect, that act won't release as much (miss A isnt popular (exaggeration but you get it) unless Suzy is in it, YG barely lets their artists out). I don't necessarily agree with that strategy, but my main point is to try to fight the sm is the worst cry. there are so many worse companies out there, sm did what it did to get itself at the level it is at. it hasnt all been sunshine obviously but they don't actually treat them like slaves.

allkpopellie liviekate Saturday, April 29, 2017

If we criticize SM, we should criticize Bill Gates and Microsoft too, people can hate the monopoly, that 's so unfair and unethical, but crap that was genius, how many people wish they were Bill Gates. People think that SM, JYP or YG are charities or what, they are business corporations. None of them is perfect, and yes SM promotes their artists too, I don't know why people hate on SM honestly. Those are the ones who are not planning to work in the business field I guess.

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