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[Drama Review] 'Goblin' - Episode 12

By AllK_Maknae   Wednesday, January 11, 2017   24,956   2,920   6



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Unlike episode 11, episode 12 of the 'Goblin' finally kept things going, suffered with some tragedies, and ended on a real intense note! While the story evolved into a different, but expected, direction, there were many scenes that caught everyone off guard in the end.

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The eunuch Park Jong Won continues being the ultimate creep factor in this episode. Since the previous episode's story seemed to crumble into pieces except for the introduction of Park Jong Won's sinister spirit, viewers are biting their nails waiting to see why his character was suddenly brought into the picture.

While he seems to be altering relationships with his "interesting stories" that he keeps revealing to certain characters, it doesn't appear he is there to be a warning but a threat. As we saw, he has the ability to control living people, and Kim Shin's sword can't even pierce through him, making him invincible for the time being and more of a problem than the main characters can expect.

While I hate his character, I appreciate the huge twist he will bring in to the plot. Destroying their happiness just makes things more crucial and increases my desire for their love to prevail over destiny!

I just couldn't believe the drama built all this hype around the Reaper and Sunny's relationship only to end it so quickly. While the scene was magical and well done, I was not a happy camper seeing the Grim Reaper kiss Sunny, restore her past memories, only to erase them from her mind - including himself!

The secondary love story between the Reaper and Sunny was a lot more entertaining due to its mysterious nature and their different backgrounds. It become even more addictive due to their past life history and the anticipation of how they would (possibly) work around it. Weren't we all waiting for the "happy ending" Lee Dong Wook keeps talking about and Yoo In Na deserves? 

What I started to notice because of this is that the drama didn't seem to pursue deeper or heavier romance with multiple intimate moments in comparison to other dramas. Perhaps the age difference between Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun has something to do with it? At least there was a cute "popo" scene!

Probably the last kiss scene we will see until the finale.

Although proving to be difficult for Sunny, I am pleased to see her coming to terms with the other worldly beings surrounding her - especially since her restaurant is becoming a playground for ghosts and spirits due to Ji Eun Tak. Now that she understands her past life and grows a personal bond with Kim Shin, I wonder how her story will pan out since her past life appears to have a strong grip over her decision-making even now. 

Hopefully they don't show her or Lee Dong Wook reenacting their past because I felt the actors were great from the get-go and there was no need for the sudden replacement. I understand it is to create the dramatic effect that it truly is their past lives being lived out but... eh.

Speaking of past lives, I am still a big fan of this drama's reincarnation concept. While it seems to be missing a few details regarding the actual beliefs of reincarnation, I think it is unique to see random secondary characters reappearing due to this process. 

I think it was admirable that Kim Shin continues to treat the lives of the reincarnated with gifts and rewards due to their past actions. I'm pretty sure I was a saint in my past life, so Kim Shin come find me and bring a man with some gold, quick!

As expected, I was not moved by chairman Yu's death at all. He didn't really do or serve much purpose to the drama or its characters  in my opinion. Of course he was a faithful servant to Kim Shin for all these years, but I didn't find any emotional buildup towards his character so is death was slightly irrelevant. It did spark some interesting changes for the characters, such as Deok Hwa, but it still isn't anything thrilling or thought-provoking.

I will say the the most thought-provoking scene involved Deok Hwa being possessed and also meeting with Big Red (the old granny deity). It seems Deok Hwa''s possessed state revealed a lot of interesting info regarding the Reaper's past, which leads to the realization that the Reaper is the reincarnation of Kim Shin's enemy. That's why we find Kim Shin preparing to strangely the Reaper towards the end!

Does Kim Shin have a thing for strangling people... or?

While I'm screaming no, the credits are already rolling alongside my tears. However, I won't be fooled as I know K-Dramas are tricksters for creating cliffhangers that lead nowhere. I will await either Ji Eun Tak or Sunny's arrival to suddenly save the day until next week's episode.





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Broken_Red Thursday, January 12, 2017

I'm glad they brought in a protagonist. I was getting a bit restless and cheesy with a bit too much of only romance

Fatimaaxo Wednesday, January 11, 2017


DragonOfTheWest Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Okay I'm sorry but ARE WE EVEN WATCHING THE SAME DRAMA? She freaking had a really emotional reunion with her brother (Kim Shin)! Grim did not erase her memories! Not even of him in his current state, Kim Shin clearly asked her if Grim was the King and she couldn't say anything, which led him to say "even in this life you are protecting him like a fool" (or something along those lines). It's obvious that she knows????? Are you like skipping some parts of the drama? Is it too much to ask that a reviewer watches the whole episode at least? *smh*

Humanoids Wednesday, January 11, 2017

If all the goblin epsiodes are never above 8, then what about the others dramas ? 5 in maximum ? lol

MidnightKpop Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Just wanted to say the reviewer Allk_Maknae sucks and should refrain from giving reviews in the future for any dramas.  Giving it an 8 for a episode that is most definitely a 10.

WhitePInkRose MidnightKpop Thursday, January 12, 2017

yes i think like that too

The End



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