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'Goblin' viewers complain about love line between a minor and an adult

By alice101   Tuesday, December 13, 2016   195,436   19,453   1



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'Goblin' is becoming sensationally popular both inside and outside of Korea after airing only 4 episodes, and most fans love every bit of the show. However, some viewers are voicing their concern over the love line plot between Gong Yoo's character and Kim Go Eun's character. 

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Many viewers posted directly to the drama's official website and asked the writer to re-consider the love line since Kim Go Eun's character is a high school student (18 years old international age, which is considered a minor in Korea) and Goblin is portrayed as an adult male in this 30s. 

Here are some of the posts from the website: 

"Do I have to watch a drama what portrays a pedophile in 2016...The man who looks like he is middle aged and a minor falling for each other is being portrayed as romance...It's disgusting."

"I am a fan of the drama...It was from the second episode I found some issues.  Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun's character) is a high school student but she plays the role like she is a child...and in fourth episode, she says things like, 'Let's have babies and live happily,' and asks Goblin what type of women he likes. Even if she is joking, are those lines appropriate for a minor to say to an adult? I think a romance line between a minor (even if she is almost an adult) and a 30-something man is not right....Do you think a man in his 30s falls in love with a minor?"

"...Kim Go Eun says, 'What type of women do you like? Wifely? Sexy? Professional? Should I change everyday?' It's such a crazy line for a minor to say... And Gong Yoo says a line, 'Meat, alcohol, and women -- more the merrier.' What a thing to say." 

"I think Kim Go Eun's character needs some changes. She is simply too childish so the whole relationship seems Lolita-like...Another issue is that, in the drama, Ji Eun Tak is misunderstood as a prostitute involved with an adult and is subsequently bullied by her schoolmates, so the writer herself knows that the relationship is problematic...So what is the writer's intention in portraying the love line...?" 

"...Kim Shin says that the high school girl, a minor, is his first love...? Isn't that inappropriate? Some of you might say age is just a number, but in real life, if a 30-something-year-old man was going for a minor, it would be wrong. It's just because the actor is younger looking and is handsome, people are accepting it....And why make the female lead a high school student? Why not a college student?" 

Netizens also complained about the two character's relationship. One wrote on a popular online community, "...It's a bit weird to watch Kim Go Eun's character throw herself at an older male...I'm disappointed at the writer." Others defended the writer, saying, "It's fine...You just don't like Kim Go Eun and her acting." Another person wrote, "It's an understandable portrayal. She believed that she's the Goblin's Bride for 19 years, and he is finally here. Also, she is desperate because there is no one in the world who can look after her." 

What do you guys think about this concern of some viewers?

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KikiMa Saturday, January 28, 2017

Come on netizens! It's as if some of you live looking for reasons to spread hate, conjure up the ugliest of ideas, and go beyond all that is sane to stir up even the most innocuous of things. Dokkaebi is about a mythical character in Korean folklore. He isn't looking for his "bride" in the sense of marriage or children, the bride is the only human that can pull out the sword; the ONLY reason he is looking for her. He meets her, and falls in love with her "light" and "energy", not her body. It is THAT which makes him now want to live, after 939 years of wanting nothing but to turn back into dust, to rest, to no longer outlive everyone he loves. There may be a line or two that was out of place, but throughout more than half the drama, there is no real sexual undertone to their relationship, in fact, doesn't he spend most of his time keeping space between them? Even their first kiss was after her 20th birthday... So please, stop doing this. As an American who loves KDrama and Kpop, I'm often very disappointed in the ugliness of many netizen blogs, "anti-fan" sites, and the like. Isn't it ridiculous to devote so much time, effort, and expense to hating someone? To looking for anything to complain about? What good do you do when your sole purpose is to make everything you watch or listen to vile, not because it necessarily is, but because that's what you want it to be? In this same light, an idol or entertainer that you do love can actually DO something vile, and you'll go out of your way to support them. I really like your cultures' dramas and movies and music because it takes me to new worlds and sights and sounds... why do some of you take that amazing gift your people give to the world and use it to spark ugliness and hate? Don't we get enough of that with the REALITY of our world?

blablabla2105 Thursday, January 26, 2017

19 isn't a minor,get your fact checked before you make a complaint, pedophilia is a condition where he/she had a sexual desire to prepubescent children, i think that person is only tried to made the drama became a huge failure

RenzVladimir Thursday, January 19, 2017

I don't see anything wrong writing a story where in the age of the characters are 19 and 30 respectively. 19 is not a minor at all & besides it happens even in real life. What is more important, is that , there are no scenes which are not suitable to watch. Everyone gave justice with their roles. It's just up to the audience to comprehend. I salute all the cast of Goblin especially Gong Yoo!

ravonsky Saturday, January 7, 2017

She's technically an adult to the westerner's eyes. The age gap seems large if you think of it as 18yr vs 30yr, but that age gap isn't super uncommon world round. I think they're just trying to find something to pick at.

Iamsentinel Monday, December 19, 2016

Putting aside the theme, it's also about time Ji Eun Tak should act the part of a supposedly matured minded character - a person who has  experienced so much in her young life, from experiencing her mum's death, to being adopted, ill-treated, bullied, seeing ghosts and hearing about their experiences etc.There also does not seemed to be any love spark from her at the moment towards the Goblin. It is so far one sided...

Iamsentinel Sunday, December 18, 2016

Please get your facts right - thank you..Pedophile Definition: A medical condition causing a sexual preference for young children... "Pedophilia is a sexual preference for sexual activity with prepubescent children, typically under the age of 11."

Iamsentinel Sunday, December 18, 2016

I think these viewers who complain are immature. Did they complain when they watched "Doctors"? It has a middle aged teacher and a student love theme. That is even worse. Just let the rest of us enjoy the love develop between Kim Shin & the girl. She's already 19 years old in the drama for Goblin's sake.....

ayudomi Iamsentinel Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The same theme - a teacher and a student, was in Loveholic too

im_just_a_fan Iamsentinel Monday, January 2, 2017

but in doctors, they did not having romance when park shin hye in high school, they meet again as doctors,then they start their r/s so it's less weird i guess.

melon Sunday, December 18, 2016

I really like the drama the way it is. Truth be told in real life there's nothing unusual dating or marrying to someone 10 ~15 years older. People are not going to watch a TV show and turn pedo your preference will not change from watching a drama. Also pedo people like under develop little children. She's adult, her body is fully developed. She's just young and he is 900 something plus. What difference will it make if she was 30 or 40 the guy is still 900 something. He is still going to be that much older. Why do people think it'll be ok if her character doesn't act childish and was 20 something or older. What difference does 900 years older or 895 years older make?

Iamsentinel melon Sunday, December 18, 2016

Think those who complain are biased against something. The love theme between the teacher and his student in "Doctors" is worse. This is about a supernatural being and a girl. In our society, the teacher would be expelled.

Iamsentinel melon Sunday, December 18, 2016

They obviously don't understand the meaning of pediophiles who prey on young underaged children. This girl is already passed marriageable age..

nana1230 Iamsentinel Sunday, December 18, 2016

That is right! In doctors he fells in love with an 18y student too... c'mon don't judge, they are perfect, the show is perfect stop criticizing

nana1230 Saturday, December 17, 2016

This is my favorite drama until today :o!! I think u netizens need to respect... age is just a number. If they love each other what is the problem? She is 18y  not 17y  at leat in my contry that is the adult age... And if you don't like it don't watch it. Their story is amazing, the chemistry betwen them is awesome. Don't change anything from the plot just keep doing what you've been doing, I don't want the drama to end up like cheese in the trap. They were in love but they didn't end up together and that was frustrating!! Pleaseee don't cancel the drama or change anything. It the only drama that i watch whithout skipping any part ahah!

niabona nana1230 Saturday, December 17, 2016

I hope they won't change anything, otherwise it'll be ruined just like Cheese in The Trap. How can they said it's kind of Lolita >.<,when eun tak almost always use her outer and legging, her appearance was far from sexy thing. She also doesn't use any make up. Compared to other drama which showed a minor character with tight uniform and make up and have a love story (but deny it) with her teacher. Maybe that audiences just don't like KGE who has too natural beauty and a lot of luck that they aren't able to approach.

nana1230 niabona Sunday, December 18, 2016

I agree with you! The drama makes my heart flurtt! And I repeat she is not a child anymore she is 18y 19y in the Korean change right?The drama is being so popular changing it will destroy the story... Those netizens are the ones with a dirty mind, I didn't even taught about the lolita until I red the comments... C'mon my neibourgh had a 15y difference from her husband... theyare in love too and she has the perfect life at least he treats her well there is a lot of young guys who aren't good people, stop judging. And sorry for my bad english :D

Humanoids Saturday, December 17, 2016

But actually, She isn't supposed to be born... so technically she doesn't even have age.. so her miracle life is to be the goblin's wife.. the goblin is 939 years old... plus the drama is having time laps... so seriously, age is irrevelant in the drama, it is a fantasy story ! (second time to comment here, but I'm so hook in this drama.. )

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