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More Korean stars who admitted to their surgeries and enhancements

By AllK_Maknae   Friday, October 7, 2016   294,873   13,173   0



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It's time to get real and own up to some facts: some of our favorite Korean stars have gotten plastic surgery, and it is OK! While some netizens and fans may critique and say otherwise, the pressure to be beautiful, especially under the Korean spotlight, is stronger than ever. 

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Going under the knife, even for the smallest of things, is quite common for any celebrity in Korea, and these celebrities had no shame in admitting to their enhancements. While we have looked at some celebrities that owned up to their cosmetic enhancements in the past, check out this new list below and see if your favorite star owned up to it as well.

1. Jessi

Jessi was featured in the previous list, but she's admitted to more since then - this time to a boob job. On a recent episode of 'Happy Together,' the rapper told the cast, "I paid for the surgery with my own money. Why do I have to hide it?" Jessi continued, "There are lot of people who hide it after getting surgery. That's more laughable. If you did, you should just say you did." Way to put the Korean public in their place, girl!

2. Lee Si Young

After gaining some popularity through 'We Got Married,' rumors began to circulate of Lee Si Young having surgery. During an episode of 'Knee Drop Guru,' she calmly revealed it was true saying, "I was honest when my past photos came out for the first time, too. I admitted it because you can obviously tell ( when comparing the photos)."

3. C.I.V.A's Lee Soo Min

For some time, a rumor went around that C.I.V.A's Lee Soo Min had shaved her rib cage in order to have a slimmer waist. However, that was not the case as during a broadcast of 'Taxi,' the singer revealed that she had went under the knife for different reasons, saying, "I got my eyes and nose done."

4. DIA's Jung Chae Yeon 

Coming as a surprise for some, DIA's beauty Jung Chae Yeon underwent surgery. It was revealed on an episode of 'Video Star' that she actually got her nose done. While the cast speculated she also did a double eyelid surgery, she revealed she got them naturally.

5. Lyn

Sadly, the talented singer Lyn has admitted to having many insecurities regarding her looks and the standards of beauty. She admitted on an episode of 'Radio Star,' "I have gotten a nose job and it has been ten years since I did the surgery and my nose is like a pig's nose. That's why when I take pictures these days, I cover up my nose."

6. Nam Gyuri 

The singer-turned-actress Nam Gyuri confessed to having fixed her face not once but twice! On an episode of 'One Night of TV Entertainment,' she stated, "I think women get more beautiful as we age. Truthfully, I got my teeth straightened and got work done on my face twice.

7. Sunhwa 

While SECRET's former member Sunhwa stays in the dark with most of her obvious surgeries, there is one time where she had to make her bed and lie in it, too. Close friend Go Young Wook revealed that during her casting calls, Sunhwa didn't have much luck due to the fact that "she didn't have her plastic surgery then." After making the comment on 'Strong Heart,' Sunhwa had no choice but to own up to his words.

8. Park Han Byul 

The popular actress Park Han Byul has no fear in admitting her minor touch-up. During an airing of 'Laws of The Jungle,' the actress was questioned by cast member Kangnam about her eyes. She smoothly replied, "I nipped my eyes," meaning she got them "pinched."

9. Hong Jin Young

While already a beautiful woman, the popular trot singer casually admitted to her cosmetic enhancements on an episode of 'Escape Crisis No. 1.' The topic of marriage arose and Hong Jin Young asked, "You can't get married if you did plastic surgery?" When asked about plastic surgery, she revealed, "I fixed two areas [on my face], but I did my nose twice for a total of three plastic surgeries."

10. LPG

Shockingly enough, on an episode of an old variety show called the 'Bouquet,' a member of LPG revealed, "Putting all five of us together, I believe we had plastic surgery about 27 times in total." I'm sure they had to change their driver's license a hundred times more since then.

11. Yewon

While the 'We Got Married' couple went on a charming street date, Henry decided to meet with a fortune teller/face reader. The fortune teller commented on his heart-shaped nostrils and misalignment. Once it was Yewon's turn, she coolly responded, "I already had work done on my nose. A little bit. I plan to do more in the future. Just a bit on the end of my nose."

12. After School's UEE

After School's UEE is another beauty that admitted her cosmetic enhancement. During an episode of 'Sang Sang Plus,' the singer shared, "A lot of people ask me if I got plastic surgery after debut. My eyes are naturally uneven so I wanted to even them out. That's why I had a minor surgery on my eyes, that's it."
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Junghyun_OI Wednesday, October 12, 2016

AKP have some decency seriously where is the proffesionalism? Nowadays all of these articles are opinions like "Celebrities that look alike, what do you think?" You show a series of pictures and then with a caption saying "Not really IMHO...Kinda I guess..." This is just one example. And TAKE SOME TIME TO RESEARCH. Any Korean or Non-Korean following idol news would know that Chaeyeon had denied any rumors of plastic surgery before it leaked out into mass media which she then admitted.

daFoolio Monday, October 10, 2016

sun hwa made the right choice..... lol

Rosie1140 Sunday, October 9, 2016

i see

minivilly Sunday, October 9, 2016

The tone of the article is so unprofessional... seriously, have a little decency

Qricket Sunday, October 9, 2016

Ok but who is Nam Gyuri's Doctor though? They have the hands of an angel.

kpophilippines Sunday, October 9, 2016

I wonder if SM have any artist that admitted they've gone into surgery? Any idea guys or should I say addicted fan of kpop.

kpopfansince09 kpophilippines Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I'm a fan to many of SM groups, I would say that their artist are one of the most beautiful people, but SM did make some "touch-up" a little to make it perfect

kpophilippines kpopfansince09 Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I know that SM choose more of a beauty face rather than a talent. That is their strategy in music industry. But little or more still its plastic surgery.

julee22 Saturday, October 8, 2016

when people's entire face change shape, but they only say "i did a little job on my nose". if you're already gonna say you did it, just be truthful about it.

whatever101 Saturday, October 8, 2016

Nam Gyuri probabaly had the best results since she looks like a Barbie doll

TV5XQ Saturday, October 8, 2016


TV5XQ Saturday, October 8, 2016


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