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Posted by AllK_Maknae20 pts Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Korean celebrities that owned up to their cosmetic enhancements

It goes without saying that many Korean celebrities in the industry have undergone plastic surgery for many reasons. Whether it is for beauty reasons or for medical reason, these few celebrities were daring enough to come forward and admit they received surgery and cosmetic changes in the past. Browse these brave souls who laid the rumors to rest with their revealing truths.

1. ZE:A's Kwanghee

Without a doubt, many know Z:EA's Kwanghee is one of few idols who are openly proud of going under the knife. Being an advocate of the procedure and surgery, Kwanghee has openly discussed his many cosmetic surgeries and enhancements on his nose, jaw, eyes and even eyebrows! On various shows he has become somewhat of a spokesperson for plastic surgery as he often recommends the best time of year to get procedures done (autumn if you're wondering), recommends what people should change, and even spots out which idol is natural or not with just one glance. Quite the set of skills that came from experience.

2. 2NE1's Minzy

The dancing queen of 2NE1 has been shying away from plastic surgery for some time, with member Park Bom being the main target of plastic surgery gossip. However, Minzy confessed back in 2013 through her agency YG Entertainment that she had her nose done while having a surgery to cure her rhinitis. Despite the denial in the past, Minzy and her agency are open to revealing the change she underwent as a medical reason over superficiality.

3.T-ara's Hyomin

T-ara's Hyomin had revealed photos in the past of her dramatic differences prior to plastic surgery. Though she was quick to destroy any pre-debut photos of her during broadcasts in the past, she came clean in the end during an interview.

She admitted, "Society has become really appearance-oriented lately. Our job requires us to give joy and entertain a lot of people. It's impossible to do that if you're not pretty. There is obviously a part of us that want to be pretty, but because the public looks at our visual, I think it's possible to fix a few things as long as you're not greedy in order to live up to those visual expectations."

4. Super Junior's Heechul

On SBS's radio program 'Park So Hyun's Love Game,' Super Junior's Heechul was discussing a variety of topics. Aside from him quitting smoking, a fan left a comment about Heechul's naturalness and unaltered looks. 

However, Heechul boldly admitted it wasn't true and further revealed that, "My nose got broken before so it was crooked. While I was working as a public service officer, I got surgery to correct it. But the bridge of my nose became a little flatter than before. The doctor told me that because that part was where it broke, if I wanted to return my nose bridge to its original height, I'd have to get fillers or silicone injected. But I was scared about doing that, so I didn't."

5. BEG's Miryo

Although it is now known that most of the members of the Brown Eyed Girls have undergone some sort of plastic surgery, Miryo seemed to be one of the idols who covered it up the most until later, revealing that she did go under the knife. Before taking a comical stance on plastic surgery in SNL Korea's 'Plastic Face' skit, she was not quick to admit her double-eyelid surgery among other minimal changes.

6. Mr.Mr's Ryu

On an episode of 'Idol School,' Mr.Mr.'s Ryu stated they were a natural-looking group. However, he stumbled on his words and ended up revealing in the end they had gotten some procedures done. He then owned up to it, saying that they received injections and fillers.

7. CNBLUE's Jonghyun

Believe it or not the handsome Jonghyun of CNBLUE had gotten plastic surgery-- but in a place you'd least expect. On an episode of KBS 2TV's 'Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education,' he revealed he needed surgery on his ears. 

Jonghyun admitted that, "I did judo for four years, from my first year in junior high school to my first year in high school.  At one time, I exercised while dreaming of a medal. I even did get a gold medal within six months back in junior high school. As I exercised, my ear became a 'dumpling ear (cauliflower ear)'. It got a bit severe, so I cut that cauliflower portion out."

8. Jessi

This 'Unpretty Rapstar' lives up to the names as she easily admitted on KBS 2TV's 'Happy Together 3' her past experiences and changes with plastic surgery.

When a host discussed their double-eyelid surgery Jessi cooly explained,

"I did that, too. I did my nose and eyes. I did my eyes and nose three years ago.  I didn't do it because I wanted to, though. I chose to do plastic surgery because of my agency's advice and to appear more photogenic."

9. Seo In Young

The trendy old school idol Seo In Young fully admitted to receiving plastic surgery on her nose. On an episode of 'Knee Drop Guru', she confirmed, "Everyone says I shaved my chin, but I didn't fix it. I just lost a lot of weight." She then stated, "I did my nose twice. I got cosmetic surgery at the end of my nose two times. First, I made it sharp, but I took it out. Lately, people tell me it's better when I don't do anything to it."

10. SISTAR's Hyorin

On a Lunar New Year special of 'Mama Mia', SISTAR's Hyorin's baby pictures were revealed where her mono-lids were quite evident. In order to clear the air, she admitted to getting double-eyelid surgery. Her admittance gained even more attention than expected because she had previously starred on 'Radio Star,' saying that she had not received any surgery in the past.

11. Super Junior's kyuhyun

Believe it or not, there is another handsome Super Junior member that had undergone a surgery! On 'Radio Star' Kyuhyun revealed "Both my parents have double eyelids," he explained. "I was the only one that didn't," he continued, admitting to surgery. Many often speculate he did his nose in the past as well but Kyuhyun strongly states he would "put his wrist on the line" to prove he hasn't.

12. Hara

Hara had appeared on 'Happy Together 3' and felt quite confident in revealing her secret to her key point beauty-- her face. Clearly she had a lot to say about herself as she went on about her various procedures saying, "I do procedures like laser or Botox little by little. I diligently went to the dermatologist and even did a lifting."  While less dramatic than others, she simply isn't a wholesome natural beauty as some may expect.

13. Park Min Young

The actress of "Sungkyunkwan Scandal", Park Min Young, admitted for the first time, in an interview with Sports Chosun, to having done plastic surgery. She stated, "I got double eyelid surgery in junior high school. My mom let me get it so I could become prettier. I also got my nose done, but that's only because my nose was crooked during junior high." She revealed her struggle with photos from her past saying that, "I have a lot of things I don't like about my face, such as my large forehead and chubby cheeks, but acting got a lot easier once I let all of that go."

14. lee da hae

The leading lady of hit drama 'My Girl' had revealed on 'Quick Talk' that she has undergone some changes in the past. She claimed she used to have a fatter face but went under the knife to look as fabulous as she does now. She often jokes at how well it turned out in the end.

15. kim hyun joong

The handsome Kim Hyun Joong from 'Boys Over Flowers'  actually revealed his plastic surgery was all done with reason. Although already quite the looker, he got a nose job due to an incident when he was younger. Sadly, he was hit in the nose with a rock and, before undergoing the procedure, he asked his doctor to raise the nose bridge a little as well.

BONUS F.T. Island Hongki

Probably one of the most comical yet saddest surgery stories, F.T. Island's Hongki revealed he received butt surgery twice! Don't think this man now has buns of steel as he stated that, "I have a lot of scars [on my butt]. I am insecure about my butt. The reason why I can say this [on air] is because my fans know this. In China when I was holding a solo fan meeting, the boil got so big that I couldn't sit, stand, walk, or anything. So my fans asked what was wrong, and I told them bluntly that my butt was hurting." Poor Hongki!

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