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[Review Feature] YG vs. YG: Bobby's party hard anthem v. Song Min Ho's sexy bedroom music

By jubilantj   Thursday, September 15, 2016   37,091   6,334   32



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Bobby and Song Min Ho (Mino)'s solo tracks were two of the most anticipated releases from YG Entertainment, and for good reason. 

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Both idols possess and bring a solid rap game, at least in the K-Pop scene. Neither plays around or does things half-heartedly when it comes to music, and it was no exception for both "Body" and "Holup." Everything about the two songs, from the composition to the MV visuals, was air tight! This will make for an incredibly neck-and-neck comparison between the two releases, as I personally enjoyed Bobby's and Mino's song. I will be focusing mostly on the songs' composition, lyrical content/delivery, and MV production/quality. 


In terms of song composition, "Holup" and "Body" are like heaven and earth, water and fire, sun and get the drift. 

The former is an anthemic party jam that booms with a pulsating deep bass, auto-tuned chorus, and electrifying synths plus drum sequences, and a cacophony of other elements. The most salient element, though you can just barely hear it in the backdrop, is an oriental-sounding instrumental that lays the groundwork for the chorus. It persists ever so subtly until it hits you forcefully in the refrain, made one with the booming bass. It's a jump back and forth between these buildups and the refrain which gets a bit repetitive after the first couple listens. Perhaps because the instrumentals are so intense, your brain can't possibly handle so much simulation repeatedly. It's a great song to get turned up to, and perhaps put on your workout playlist. But it's not a track you can listen to over and over and without growing quickly tired of it. Score: 7

"Body," on the other hand, is a track that holds enough impact for the listener but is not overwhelmed by the crazy production gimmicks. It consists of a more simple composition than "Holup," held together by a memorable keyboard tune which is layered by a more reserved bass line than the one heard in "Holup," a halting drum loop, and of course, synthesized beats that scale up and down to fluidly intertwine with the main melody. It's a smooth listen, and you end up appreciating every bit of the song until the very end where Mino's distorted vocals are heard over the gentle stroking of jazzy guitar chords. Score: 8

WINNER: "Body" 

Lyrical Content/Delivery: 

Bobby expresses the reckless abandon and IDGAF party attitude with plenty of rhymes and metaphors which are surprisingly tight, especially for a pop song that is pretty much about getting totally wasted. It can be also challenging to rhyme in Korean, as Hangeul is a more phonetic language construct than the English alphabet, the words for which are typically not spelled the way they sound. So unless the words a rapper is trying to rhyme are composed of the exact same or similar enough vowel-consonant combinations, rhyming with Hangul can be difficult. However, Bobby succeeds in forming the illusion of rhymes by slightly slanting the way he throws the last word of each verse, fooling us all with his clever wordplay! Though I appreciated his way with words, I wasn't too keen on the way he delivered them. At times, it sounded like he was practically yelling into my ears; perhaps this effect was doubled by the fact that I was wearing headphones. Maybe he was really getting into "the zone" or it's just the way Bobby raps. Either way, I wasn't really feeling the way he yelled his verses at the listener. Score: 7

Song Min Ho also doesn't fall short in the lyrical department, though his lyrics seemed more poetic because he's missing that special someone's...body. It's a sexy song and rightfully so because Mino is dearly missing his ex, especially the intimate moments he shared with her. At first, I thought it was just Mino being a thirsty guy but I realized that he intentionally used lyrics that emphasized the ex's physical features to express just how desperately he is yearning and missing her company, be it tangible or intangible. Or...he's just horny. In any case, you, as a listener, is also able to feel Mino's yearning as he delivers his lines with a convincing sincerity. Score: 8

WINNER: "Body"

MV Production/Quality: 

Can I just remark on how dope the production and quality were for both "Body" and "Holup"? Clearly, YG didn't hesitate to drop them bills for Bobby and Mino's solo releases. And thank goodness for their magnanimity because fans got to revel in two flawlessly produced MVs. 

The visuals for both MVs were so awesome that it will be hard to choose which one I preferred. "Body" and "Holup" were less like your typical K-Pop MVs, which feature tacky-looking sets or designs, matching uniforms, and of course, funky makeup and hair. These MVs were more artistic and well suited the content of their respective songs, with "Holup" showing Bobby wilin' out in his own crib and Mino getting up close and personal with a curvaceous woman who is meant to represent his ex-partner. Though much like the song, "Holup" had way too much going on throughout the MV, which nearly induced me into a seizure (Call me lil' bish but I got real sensitive vision). Other than that one minor peccadillo in Bobby's MV, I truly appreciated everything else. The muted saturations, the chaotic background imagery (especially in Bobby's MV), the costumes (or lack thereof in Bobby's case), the distortions in Mino's MV meant to represent his hazy recollection of his ex...they were all pretty impressive. Nicely done, boys, nicely done. 

"Holup" Score: 9
"Body" Score: 9


Summing up, I would have to say I'm leaning more toward Mino's solo release than Bobby's. At first listen, Bobby's song may sound more catchy, and it is definitely easier to get turned up to. However, "Holup" quickly grew too tiring for me after several listens. "Body," on the other hand, is catchy and more bearable even on repeat. In short, Mino's release hit harder home for me, encompassing a more solid composition and lyrical delivery. I did like both MVs but Mino's MV was less taxing to my poor eyesight; that doesn't mean Bobby's MV was terrible! In fact, I think I preferred the visuals in "Holup" over the visuals in "Body." Aaaannnd the ultimate winner is....*drumroll* 


  1. Song Min Ho (Mino)
  2. Bobby
  3. body
  4. holup

Mai_Turn Saturday, September 17, 2016

I also love Body more <3! But Holup is also a great song :3

SeungriBigbang Friday, September 16, 2016


Kawaii8 Friday, September 16, 2016

i understand that Mino's body is more pleasant on the ears, but i feel like this article is missing some key components. you compared both songs based off of 3 factors alone and you were quite subjective on it. although you mentioned bobby's word play was quite clever, you dismissed the fact that that type of delivery (the word play)  is an integral part of rap and having that kind of flow is actually quite difficult. bobby is one of the few rappers to have that gift. he was actually able to match his pattern of rhyming to the pattern of the beat, and that song actually shows how much more advanced he is as a rapper.

starlit_fireflie Kawaii8 Saturday, September 17, 2016

That's interesting... because I have the complete opposite opinion. I think Bobby's got great flow but it's not very mature. He doesn't switch it up often; I hear him use the same power-rapping technique in every song. I feel like Mino has a more mature and varied technique and he can change up his flow to match various styles/moments in a song.

Kabo_desu Friday, September 16, 2016


Kabo_desu Friday, September 16, 2016


mentalxfiction Friday, September 16, 2016

I LOVE Bobby's song too, but I think Body is more... Idk it's something you can listen to for longer. Holup is a tad too loud and Body is a lot more relaxed and easy to listen to.

Mai_Turn mentalxfiction Saturday, September 17, 2016

Wow, I thought the same xD It's true, to Body e.g. I can listen the whole day, whereas to Holup I can listen only one or two times, because it's quite aggressive and loud ^^' But both songs are great :3

HeyHoonie Friday, September 16, 2016

I like Body more, but I like Hit Me the most :p

Knigin Friday, September 16, 2016

Obviously mino is better than the rat

Mayumi_Jupiter Friday, September 16, 2016

Both are the best~ they bring different vibes! Likes of music depends on one's taste...

fantasticlau Friday, September 16, 2016

Okay to be objective, both releases didn't fully meet my expectations. I know they can do better both lyrically and musically. Missing someone and IDGAF are really common topics. But I still liked the releases. One thing I didn't like in Bobby's song is his hurr murr rap. It's tiring to listen when he does that too much, much more than necessary. Mino's song was a bit better for me since there is no hurr murr rap voice thingy. The song gave drugs feel to me more than sexy feel. I felt high just by watching it lol. But anyways, I prefer HIT ME over both at anytime. That song is the ultimate jam of 2016.

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