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[Op-Ed] Why BTS doesn't deserve all the hate they're getting

By jennywill   Sunday, May 8, 2016   244,769   28,519   1,595



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Anyone who's been here long enough know that I am an ARMY. I don't try to hide it, although I do report on all news BTS, even if the news is bad. However, lately the bad has been so ridiculous that I just had to write this op-ed. 

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As all ARMYs should know by now, BTS is getting hit with a lot of hate lately. Sadly enough this isn't something new for us. The same thing happened with HYYH parts 1 and 2, except that time it was sajaegi issues. In Korea, unlike the international fandom where many fans are fans of multiple groups, a person is usually exclusive to one fandom. And intensely exclusive, many times. I go on Korean portal sites all the time and lately it just feels like BTS vs everyone else.

The top Korean portals are flooded with accusing BTS of supposed plagiarism. The biggest voted posts always include a negative BTS post, while the ones trying to defend BTS almost never trend. A hate tag trended on Korean Twitter. On one of the biggest Korean search portals, when you searched BTS, the suggested keywords all had to do with plagiarism and the third drop down suggestion was on plagiarism (thankfully, this is no more).

And while I'd like to say it's okay, ARMYs are there for BTS, the truth of the matter is that the boys' primary language is Korean, and they definitely do see all that's going on. Jin, especially, who uses Internet slang frequently even when speaking out loud, is on portal sites. In fact, he tweeted once when a hate tag was trending, and wrote, "There isn't long until the concert, so everyone be happy happy, haha", and many ARMYs had to sadly admit he probably had seen everything that was going on. 

It's ridiculous. All of it.

There's plenty of proof and counter posts going around, so I won't bother translating them myself and just put my own thoughts here. The plagiarism accusations are getting out of hand. People are pointing at school uniforms, at hair color, at a maze, at a grass field, and at even a hot air balloon. Because none of these things were ever done before, right? (Sarcasm, in case you missed that). People take a split-second screenshot from an MV that's 4 minutes long and yell about plagiarism, take one piece of a large concept and call it plagiarism. 

Frankly, I also find it a little ironic that Koreans are saying something about similar looking outfits, because once Koreans like something, everyone does it. Once I got a haircut in Korea and asked the stylist specifically not to make it look like the one everyone else had. She gave me the hairstyle. I got on the subway and literally every girl had my hair color and my hair length. And this isn't just non-celebrities. Remember when everyone used to wear Ssur's comme des fukdown, or Pigalle, or Off White, or HBA? Yeah, literally every idol was wearing those brands and wearing it similarly. 

On top of that, there's the random Gucci hate. Okay, first of all, let me get this out there, just because: I don't care if that's Gucci; it looks ugly. Along with this Gucci business came into question every other brand BTS was wearing, such as Raf Simmons. No matter that people working in fashion magazines with professional experience and knowledge had listed BTS as wearing these brands. Of course someone sitting down in front of a computer screen with internet knows best. It's true that while some of BTS' clothing has been clarified to be real (ie Rap Monster's jacket), others have yet to be clarified to be genuine name brands. But.... honestly who cares? Who cares if they're wearing brand names or not. As far as I'm concerned, it all looks weird, but that's for fans to giggle and tease at, not someone who isn't paying any money for an album to hate on.

Now people are also pulling in lyric plagiarism. They pull one line from an entire song and babble about how similar the one line sounds. A two second line from a 3-and-a-half minute song. First of all, if you're treating the same subject matter, there's a chance you're going to think of similar things. It becomes problematic if an entire section, or maybe even a few lines sound similar. One line - four words, maybe five - that seem to sound a bit like each other happens. Not to mention that of course, they completely fail to acknowledge that Rap Monster is someone who admits and apologizes for a mistake when he realizes he made the error. 

And before people start pointing fingers solely at k-netz, stop, because I see plenty of i-netz doing the exact same thing. Not to mention that a bad habit to pretend nothing is wrong when something is wrong. Just because you don't want to see it and hear it doesn't mean everyone else doesn't see it and hear it, and more importantly, BTS sees it and hears it.

The answer is not to ignore it, not to counter it with more hate and calling people names, but realizing exactly what's happening, knowing that the accusations can't be true, and showing BTS how much we love them.

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anaaaaah Tuesday, November 1, 2016

not saying other idols don't, but you can almost see yourself literally chillin with BTS and expecting to just fucking enjoy a party with them.  T hey all look so chill, just smoking weed and playing games when they're not working.  I know Rapmonster likes that good kush, bruh needs to share.  They're very relatable to me lmao, i'd love to just smoke and chill with them and talk about space and shit LMAO

qwdqw Sunday, June 26, 2016

big companies - SM, YG, JYPmedium companies - FNC, cube, starshipbts came from a small company bighit ent and still topping music charts and has one of the biggest fandom in the industry, primarily because they're all talented and their music is incredible. I'm guessing people that hate on bts are immature fans of other groups that are butt hurt to see bts doing so well. I don't want to name groups but some groups really climbed to the top with the help of their label and don't deserve their spot but bts definitely got to the top because they are talented.

mgcharli qwdqw Monday, November 21, 2016

Groups in big companies where selected because they have the talent. They don't just debut without any talent. These companies just do the marketing well. As for talent they don't lack as well. I'm so tired of people saying that the reason they only do well because of companies. They worked hard too to be able to get to that companies. You're calling everybody immature. I guess you're one of them.

silenagrom Wednesday, June 22, 2016

BTs the best, everything will be alright😞

Murcy Tuesday, June 21, 2016

It is shameful the ingenuity displayed in everything related to KPOP groups. Everything has its pro and cons. Companies, allong with the specialized staff are those who decide almost every aspect that will be shown to the public, then the conclusion is simple. In the end, as long as stays in circulation the expectation about a release, companies will jump of joy. BTS is a group with talent in all possible forms within the field and that is undeniable. Good for them.

mgcharli Monday, June 20, 2016

Many haters means the group is getting well known as well.

ivomanolo Sunday, June 19, 2016

I just read this now lol, and when this was still on fire, idgaf about those haters. <3

Arri Friday, June 17, 2016

I don't get the hate. Rly don't & I don't even care. I will just listen to their music cause it's good. No matter what idols will do, they will never please everyone, but they please their fans. So for us that is perfect. I hope they stay strong, unlike the haters they have a career and a life=they win.

jongkitties Friday, June 17, 2016

People are just trying to bring BTS down since their popularity is skyrocketing now. Hopefully these haters do not bring it up a notch and spread hurtful remarks about the boys. I've been following KPOP for approximately a decade already, and these boys have made their mark in this industry. They are probably one of the most talented but humble bands I've seen so far, and I don't see anything wrong with their music or originality. Hopefully these hate trends die down. BTS and ARMYs, keep going!

HugMachine Friday, June 17, 2016

So they call it plagiarism when a single line sounds a lot another's? *scoffs* Are they trying there luck by long shot? Anyway, school uniforms are normal in a School concept. In fact, i don't get why school Uniforms were involved in Growl, instead. The song was about preys and predators, a symbolization of pursuers and pursued which could be tied to relationships. But there was no need for school uniforms. For me, at least BTS had a legit reason to use uniforms, since it's a School trilogy. Chasing Dreams [2 COOL 4 SKOOL], to Authority Rebellion [O!RUL8,2?], to Falling in Love [SKOOL LUV AFFAIR]. School teenage stuff. Youth. I'm too frustrated than i should be about school uniforms right now, it's ridiculous.

Fayolia Wednesday, June 15, 2016


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