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'B' reveals the context of her conversation with 'A' + claims 'A' and Park Si Hoo's former agency CEO teamed up to report Park Si Hoo


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Earlier, it was reported thatPark Si Hoo has filed lawsuits against the trainee 'A', who had filed against him for sexual assault, 'B' ('A's friend who told her to request 1 billion KRW from Park Si Hoo), and the CEO of his former agency.

It was clear why Park Si Hoo had filed against 'A' and 'B', but the situation behind the filing against his former agency CEO was vague as Park Si Hoo's legal team had only mentioned that the CEO had conspired with 'A' to frame Park Si Hoo. Through an interview, 'B' has now revealed details, giving insight into why Park Si Hoo has filed against the CEO, Mr. Hwang. She has also confessed that she is no longer keeping in touch with 'A' because she was previously led to believe in a different situation than the evidence that has been presented.

On the issue of Mr. Hwang meeting up with 'A', 'B' revealed that another label's CEO, was present where the two met up. 'B' said, "I was going to meet up with another label's CEO when 'A' called me and told me she was sexually assaulted by Park Si Hoo. After I heard what 'A' said, I was shocked and I told that CEO. He told me, 'That's good. Mr. Hwang has been wanting to get back at Park Si Hoo. Let's take care of this with Mr. Hwang's help.'" According to 'B', Mr. Hwang had not met 'A' before the incident, and only met after as the other label's CEO had set up the meeting between them.

She further explained, "Mr. Hwang and 'A' met up on the 16th, two days after the event. They met at a coffee shop in Seoul Yeoksam-dong from 10:30 to 11PM. Mr. Hwang told her, 'Park Si Hoo is the bad guy. Let's punish him. You must have been hurt'. Then he told her to go report it to the police right away."

'B' then continued, "First, 'A' said she would get Mr. Hwang's help. But when the incident spread to the media, she said she would take care of it with her parents and refused Mr. Hwang's help and even my help. I don't know what happened between them after that."

If you remember, Mr. Hwang had previously denied all accusations stating that he believes Park Si Hoo and his legal team have a misunderstanding, and that he has always kept a supportive relationship with the actor.

When reached for a comment about 'B's claims about him meeting up with 'A', Mr. Hwang once again denied that he had conspired with 'A'. He said"It's true we met up, but I met her for about 5 minutes to understand what happenedwithPark Si Hoo and to aid in just settling this issue. I comforted 'A' a bit because she showed up trembling. I didn't do anything 'B' said I did. It is 2000% not true."

He further stressed that all he did was try to help 'A' and Park Si Hoo reach an agreement, as he added, "I told Park Si Hoo after the other label's CEO told me about it, and then tried to find to push for a settlement between the two because 'A' and Park Si Hoo said different things. 'B' is not telling the truth. That other CEO even also said that it is not easy to trust 'B' 100%."

When asked why Park Si Hoo sued him, he replied, "I don't know, either. I think there must have been a misunderstanding as he changed lawyers."

'B' also admitted that it was true that she had told 'A' to request money from Park Si Hoo. 'B', however, also felt that she had been wronged as only a portion of her complete message has been reported.

She explained the full context of the situation: "The latter portion [of the KakaoTalk conversation] was cut off. I told her, 'You have to make things clear. You might look like you don't really have any thoughts, so at least look sad. This person said he'll help'. She replied, 'Okay, I'll act sad'. And I replied, 'It's definitely a sad thing. You don't have to act, you just have to say everything as it is'. But that part got cut off."

'B' also added that she is not conspiring with 'A', and that 'A' told her a different story than what is being revealed. "It's not true that I tried to get money with 'A'. I'm also confused as well. What 'A' told me happened, what the media is reporting, and the texts between Park Si Hoo's hoobae and 'A' are so different. That's why I've also stopped talking to 'A'."

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