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Nostradamus prediction meme on Psy's "Gangnam Style" receives attention


An internet meme featuring a Nostradamus prediction on Psy's "Gangnam Style" has been receiving attention.

An online community recently shared a faux Nostradamus quote that read, "From the calm morning, the end will come when of the dancing horse the number of circles will be 9". The quote seemed to fit perfectly with Psy - Korea is called the 'The Land of the Morning Calm', Psy's dance is the 'horse' dance, and the circle of 9 could be interpreted as the video quickly approaches 900 million views. Additionally, there's also a chance "Gangnam Style" will reach 1 billion views around the Mayan-calendar-end-date of December 21st.

Fans were got amused by the joke meme as they commented, "So Psy marks the end of our world?", "This is just taking Psy's popularity a little too far", and "I spat out my ramen reading this post because I was laughing so hard".

In any case, memes like this just seem to give further credence to Psy's popularity.

Related Source: TV Daily via Nate

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