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Posted by AKP STAFF Thursday, March 10, 2011

ask allkpop #5: Accusations, sources, and a replica site


Hey everybody, it's been a while!  We're back again with another edition of the 'ask allkpop' mailbag feature! It's been a while (over two months!), but we love this feature, so please keep sending stuff in! For previous editions, you guys and gals can check out the links below: ask allkpop #1 ask allkpop #2 ask allkpop #3 ask allkpop #4 — The questions presented below are not word-for-word as they appeared in the e-mails, mainly because they have been edited for spelling, grammar, and for brevity's sake, but the general tone of the questions have been maintained. So without further ado, onto the questions! — "How do you feel when people accuse you of untrue things? How do you deal with people like that?" Asked by: Yae Jin Answered by: CM & asphodel CM: Well, it obviously doesn't feel good. However, unless it gets out of hand, I generally ignore it. In order to operate, you are basically forced to, because going around addressing every false speculation and accusation would be endless. I can't say it's not frustrating when people do it, but at some point, you just have to let it be or it takes away from the job you are trying to do. I will say that some writers currently on staff were not fans of allkpop prior to being hired, but once they figured out how things actually worked on the inside, their views turned around 180 degrees and they quite enjoy it here now. I guess that's what happens when you figure out that there's no cabal behind the scenes controlling everything and that the people are actually quite chill. I don't expect everybody out there to understand it, and even though I just spelled it out, I've done that countless times before, and people refuse to believe it. So like I said, you just learn to deal with it and move on with your life. Haters gonna hate, if you will. - asphodel: It can be a little frustrating to read comments about how allkpop deliberately tries to incite hate-mongering. When we release certain news items, we obviously know they have the potential to be controversial. But the news is the news, and we can't censor ourselves just to avoid negativity and pretend that the world is perfect. That's not a realistic portrayal, and it would be lying to our audience. Other than that, I'm going to be drop-dead honest here and admit that when people falsely accuse us of something, I used to feel really upset. Now and again, it still gets me, but these days I try to understand why. Where did that accusation come from? Why does that person feel that way? Naturally, I can't field through every comment on each article, but I try to note where people feel disgruntled so that way we can improve this beloved site of ours. And about those accusations? Well, accusations stop short once the road runs out. So come what may, we'll keep doing what we're doing and hope that it pleases the majority of our readers. --- "Where do you guys get news from?" Asked by: A C Answered by: CM If you read enough of our articles, I think you can get a clear idea of where our news originates. Just by looking at the source link at the bottom of the article should be sufficient. I'm also happy to say that we get considerable help from the allkpop community, who are always sure to contribute tips to help us out. --- "Why not put the names of the celebrities along with the pictures?" Asked by: Mishil and Alexis Answered by: CM Honestly?  Probably laziness. It's actually a good idea for group shots. I will attempt to implement this. --- "Did you know there is a site called tokyohive that is a replica of allkpop?" Asked by: Jenny Answered by: CM --- "Who is the hottest on the allkpop staff? Females only, no dudes." Asked by: Lucky Answered by: CM Rofl.  I bet the women just flock to you, huh? Smooth, broseph. --- "Why is it that 99.9% of the time CM & asphodel are answering all the questions? Why don't you let other writers answer?" Asked by: Bubs Answered by: CM Because this was created as an "Ask The Editor" type of deal and the two of us are editors. --- "Hope you had a Happy New Year! I assume you two are both dudes, right?" Asked by: kpoopface Answered by: CM & asphodel CM: Awesome picture, but asphodel is female and like two feet shorter than that.  Rofl. asphodel: Sigh... maybe I should have signed up with a different username... Anyway, thanks for the pic! But is it bad to say that I'd probably choke CM with that scarf as retribution for killing my olfactory senses...? ... ^__________^ CM: Don't worry! Nobody will take it seriously because in reality you wouldn't be able to reach the scarf on my neck to choke me out without a step ladder. asphodel: ...I hate you, CM. CM: ^__________^ — The place where you should send your questions, concerns, and compliments is // .

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