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Lee Hyori's pre-debut street interview from 20 years ago gains attention

By KpopJoA   9 days ago   31,669   1,005   1



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Recently, online community and social media outlets have been buzzing about Lee Hyori's pre-debut interview with MBC News on the streets of Seoul.

The footage originally aired on New Year's Day on January 1, 1997, via MBC Newsdesk discussing the economic prospect in the new year where civilians voices were heard.

What caught netizens' attention during the street interview was the young 19-year-old Lee Hyori when she was a senior in high school.  

She was asked about her views on the economy for the new year, when she replied, "Since last year's economy was so bad, I think things will get better this year."

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Despite the 20 year difference, the singer still looked beautiful.  Just a year after this interview, in 1998, Lee Hyori went on to debut as a member of legendary girl group Fin.K.L along with Ock Joo Hyun, Lee Jin, and Sung Yuri.

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    1. Lee Hyori

    hiroonakamura 8 days ago

    How did anyone even find this? And look at how fugly MBC's logo used to be haha

    raytheonecb 9 days ago

    not yeppu enough

    PrincesMirA 9 days ago

    am i the only one that thinks she's sooo different !!! i mean i love her but wow her nose , her jaw her smile and eyes everything is different......

    makaveli PrincesMirA 9 days ago

    you wont look exactly the same 20years from nom honey.. its normal.. i doont see what you see when you say everything is different. She looks like a young Lee Hyori....?

    k_kid PrincesMirA 9 days ago

    She's Korean and pretty so automatically that means she's done plastic surgery?

    _Jarhon PrincesMirA 9 days ago

    Yes. Meaning yes you're the only one who thinks like that.

    KirbyX 9 days ago

    Has she been carrying Bilbo's ring ?

    ychofficial 9 days ago

    She looks exactly the same.

    EMMA11 9 days ago

    lol nobody talks about how her nose, her jaw line, vline, forehead changed ? LOL

    EMMA11 9 days ago

    of course not to mention her eyes were so small... kkkk koreans... so natural... lollllllll

    MyTwoCent EMMA11 9 days ago

    For sure she had her eyes nose and eye smile tweaked. And now i see why she speaks the way she speaks and her habit with her mouth is the way it is lol. Her veneers are just in the way. I dont think she had full on dental work but she just put veneers on. One things for sure, shes always had her jowls..

    hiroonakamura EMMA11 8 days ago

    her eyes are small now too though. you see it as soon as she doesnt put makeup on

    denn1sable 9 days ago

    that fabulous eye smile was already there!!

    dadodado99 (Banned) 9 days ago

    This comment has been removed due to violation of our TOS. (Reason: spammer)

    raiden_legacy 9 days ago

    TV looking for her from the beggining!! thank  for the video!!

    BigBlueagain 9 days ago

    This woman does not age. What is it about the women in the 1st gen?

    hiroonakamura BigBlueagain 8 days ago

    they had better plastic surgeons back then, and prolly didnt do too many operations to fuck things up (like they prolly do now).

    BigBlueagain hiroonakamura 8 days ago

    Hey, having a fantasy moment here. Don't screw it up :P

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