Lee Dong Wook was repeatedly rejected by writer of 'Goblin' before finally landing his role?

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Can you imagine the role of the grim reaper on tvN's currently airing drama 'Goblin' being played by anyone other than Lee Dong Wook?

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It turns out, Lee Dong Wook was initially rejected for the role of the grim reaper by writer Kim Eun Sook multiple times! According to news outlet 'Daily Economy', Lee Dong Wook, an actor whose career includes numerous lead roles in dramas like 'Wild Romance', 'Iron Man', 'Bubble Gum', and more, came across the script for Kim Eun Sook's 'Goblin' and expressed his wishes to participate even if it meant taking on a secondary lead role. The CEO of his management company, King Kong Entertainment, personally stepped up to help Lee Dong Wook get in touch with writer Kim Eun Sook, but the writer's reason for not casting the actor was that he simply didn't seem to fit the role. 

Even though the King Kong CEO himself gave up after writer Kim Eun Sook's initial response, reports say that Lee Dong Wook persisted in asking to meet up with the writer face-to-face and was finally able to convince the writer of his charms as an actor. 

Viewers are currently praising Lee Dong Wook's work in 'Goblin' for his sexy and dark, yet comical character as well as his hilarious chemistry with Gong Yoo, Kim Go Eun, and more. Aren't you glad he pursued his grim reaper role as strongly as he did?

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    iciviuja 7 days ago

    somehow this reminds me of a scene from Entourage.

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    Fatimaaxo 8 days ago

    If only he was the main character. I cherish his scenes so much

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    Lizette_ostojic 9 days ago

    Well, he deserves it, I am watching the Goblin,,, (USA) and I love it. He is great and cute.So, Lee Dong should not be rejected never again.... he is capable of doing that and more. Lee good luck we support you, your Fan from Illinois.

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    percy175 10 days ago

    If Gong yoo is the body of this drama series then Lee Dong wook is the soul.Now,you just can't imagine this series without LDW. Also both the male leads chemistry is much more interesting than their female counterparts.

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    BunnyLL 12 days ago

    He's the most suitable person in this series. I like him very much.

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    KpopChik 12 days ago

    I can't imagine Goblin without him...good for him!

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    Armyinthehouse 12 days ago

    What was that writer thinking....

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    EllegantBizarre 12 days ago

    That role was meant for him. I'm a writer and this is one of our many faults. We have clear visions of something so we end up rejecting anything we deem unfit even when that something could be perfect. Glad she came to her senses.

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    gvantza 12 days ago

    i'm glad he persisted. he's perfect for the role.

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    DeniseM 12 days ago

    This is the man i love ,never give up.this is kind of man who inspire the other to puruse their dreams . he is not just an actor he is role model

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