Fans list out complaints after '2016 Idol Star Athletics Championships' broadcast

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All idol fans look forward to holidays like Chuseok and Korean New Year's because it means the return of the 'Idol Star Athletics Championships' series on MBC

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But as it happens, injuries, upsets, and more were unavoidable at this year's competition, adding fuel to some arguments that the 'ISAC' series needs to be canceled altogether. After the show's airing for the Chuseok holidays on September 15, fans from several fandoms, including VIXX fans, BTOB fans, and BTS fans, laid out an assortment of complaints toward MBC

VIXX and BTS fans complained that despite confirmed accounts of Jin's nose injury or Leo's nose injury, MBC edited out both scenes entirely, then stated at the end of the broadcast that the competition "wrapped up successfully without any major injuries." Others who supposedly attended the recording claimed that the rails and parts of the floor were wet and slippery, but the staff members merely attempted to clean up the wet spots with the bottoms of their shoes. These fans couldn't contain their anger toward the show's captions, which kept commenting that idols fell while racing "because they couldn't control their speed." 

BTOB fans also voiced their complaints after seeing Minhyuk injure his knee during the mens' 60 meter dash. In his preliminary round, fans stated that the staff called out Minhyuk for a false start 4 times. However, during the round, fans said even they could hear the gun making a click-like sound before actually going off each time and reasoned that Minhyuk, who has fast reflexes, kept reacting to the sound of the click. During one of the false start calls, Minhyuk even fell and injured his knee for which he's had surgery previously.

But in the midst of fans' complaints, the '2016 Idol Star Athletics Championships' managed to come out at the top in viewership ratings for variety shows on the 15th. 

What do you think about the fans' complaints? 




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hiroonakamura Sunday, September 18, 2016

stop watching the show on tv every year - and they will cancel it. they wont care abt the artists' welcare

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federick Sunday, September 18, 2016

Gongchan 😍

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Kura2654 Friday, September 16, 2016

guys the fans arent complaining about the injuries but rather MBC pretending that some of the injuries didnt happen

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