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15& releases MV for "Somebody"!

April 8, 2013 @ 2:26 pm
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15& has released the MV for "Somebody"!

The girls already had their comeback on 'K-Pop Star 2' and had scored an all-kill on the charts, and now they've finally released their MV!

"Somebody" is written by Shim Eun Ji who also wrote 15&'s debut single "I Dream" as well as Jo Kwon's "The Day I Confessed", and IU's "I Really Hate Him".  It is co-composed with Ryan S. Jhunand Antwann Frost. The song features Park Ji Min and Baek Ye Rin's unique groove and soulful voices.

The MV is a parody of 'K-Pop Star', and features the two girls as parody judges. J.Y. Park and fellow labelmate (and fellow 'K-Pop Star' contestant) Baek Ye Rin make special appearances.

Check out the cute MV below!

[Thanks to everyone who sent in this tip!]

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