Confessions of an Uncle Fan (Episode 10)

What's up fans of K-pop? It's that time again for another stirring rendition of Confessions of an Uncle Fan. So sit back, enjoy, and please, start co…

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2PM are annoyed by the 'JYP whisper'?

2PM might have opened up a can of worms by indirectly insulting their boss, J.Y. Park. On the latest broadcast of 'Entertainment Relay', the…

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J.Y. Park sheds tears on 'K-Pop Star 2'

J.Y. Park shed some affectionate tears during the most recent episode of 'K-Pop Star 2'. During this episode the top 5 contestants held their l…

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J.Y. Park is like King Kong?

J.Y. Park admitted his similarities to King Kong. J.Y. Park had shown off his adorable puppy recently. He must have gotten incredibly attached …

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