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[UPDATED] INFINITE H releases MV for "Special Girl" (ft. Bumkey) + 'Fly High' album

January 11, 2013 @ 3:03 am
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INFINITE H is ready to 'Fly High' with their debut album!

The sub-unit of INFINITE, consisting of members Dongwoo and Hoya, have unveiled their much anticipated album that is sure to impress Inspirits as well as fans of hip hop music!

The group is taking on the hip hop genre, with the help of respected names like Primary, Dynamic Duo, Zion.T, Beenzino, Bumkey, and more, with an album packed full of songs that showcase their rapping skills as well as vocals.

In addition to the album, the MV for "Special Girl" has been revealed, so check it out below!

Victorious Way

Without You

I Can't Tell You

Fly High (ft. Baby Soul)

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