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Sechskies perform as 6 on 'Infinity Challenge'

Sechskies performed as six members for the first time in 16 years on the April 30th episode of 'Infinity Challenge'.Longtime fans have been absolutely…

elliefilet   Saturday, April 30, 2016   39,261   3,835   27


INFINITE's Dongwoo wants to go on a public date?

INFINITE aired their last episode of MBC Everyone's 'INFINITE's Showtime' on February 25, where member Dongwoo talked about dating.When asked what he …

alim17   Thursday, February 25, 2016   24,287   7,350   34


Sunggyu reveals what he thinks INFINITE needs

Sunggyu revealed what he thinks INFINITE needs as a group. On the December 10th premiere of MBC's 'Showtime INFINITE', the INFINITE leader shared, "T…

elliefilet   Thursday, December 10, 2015   22,007   2,486   46