• 12 K-Pop mashups to add to your playlist

    September 15, 2014 @ 6:43 pm

    K-Pop songs are always fun on repeat, but sometimes you just want something to spice up your usual ear candy. That's what K-Pop mashups are for! Products of DJ sorcery, mashups are useful for taking our old favorites, adding a twist, and making them new again. Are your ears getting bored? Playlists getting stale? Then take a look at this list of 12 K-Pop mashups; keep calm and keep K-Popping! Takes Two to Tango If one idol/idol group makes fantas

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  • Noh Hong Chul reveals that because of constipation, he was unable to fulfill his mission on 'Infinity Challenge'

    September 13, 2014 @ 5:13 pm

    On the September 13 broadcast of MBC's 'Infinity Challenge' 'Radio Star Special', the cast was challenged to take over radio shows. Noh Hong Chul shared a story about an embarrassing incident that occurred during his assignment on 'Park Kyung Lim's 2PM Date'.On having Noh Hong Chul as her radio show co-host, Park Kyung Lim said, "He was a mess. The director wrote up reports [on him]. Wasn't there a mistake made during a live broadcast?" Noh Hong

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  • INFINITE's L provides a dose of eye candy with 'My Lovely Girl' BTS photos

    September 12, 2014 @ 10:54 pm

    INFINITE's L channeled his role as an idol group member, like he is in real life, with his charisma in BTS photos from upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama 'My Lovely Girl'! The drama's production company A Story unveiled the photos from L's faux album jacket photoshoot for his group 'Infinite Power' or 'MHDR' (going by the Korean initials) in the drama. L plays the role of member Shi Woo who is charismatic on stage, but a sensi

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  • 'My Lovely Girl' unveils album jacket and poster for L and Hoya's idol group 'Infinite Power'

    September 10, 2014 @ 9:40 pm

    Upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama 'My Lovely Girl' introduced INFINITE's L and Hoya's idol group in the drama through an album jacket and concert poster! As you may already know, 'My Lovely Girl' centers around entertainment agency AnA which is home to an idol group made up of four members, who go by the name of Rae Hun (Hoya), Shi Woo (L), San Ah (Sungyeol's younger brother Dae Yeol), and Jun Jun (Woollim Entertainment trainee Choi Sung Yoon).The fo

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  • EXO-K, After School, B1A4, TEEN TOP, Girl's Day, Ailee, and more reported to perform at the 'Infinite Dream MBC' concert

    August 27, 2014 @ 3:30 am

    EXO-K, After School, TEEN TOP, B1A4, Girl's Day, Ailee, and more have been reported to have joined the line-up for the upcoming 'Infinite Dream MBC' concert!MBC stated, "During the live broadcast of 'Infinite Dream MBC', which will be held in front of MBC's new headquarters in Sangamdong, Seoul on September 1, EXO-K and more will perform."TEEN TOP, After School, and other idol group members will join an indie band on stage for performances of Kor

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  • Lee Joon and Dohee to act in a mini-drama together

    August 21, 2014 @ 3:41 pm

    MBLAQ's Lee Joon and Tiny-G's Dohee will be working together on a mini-drama in the special, 'Infinite Dream MBC,' for the opening of MBC's new building in Sangam-dong.The two will be playing a couple in 'MBC DREAM,' a mini-drama especially created by MBC to create an image out of their desire to approach their viewers.  In addition, Yunho and Jung Il Woo of current MBC hit drama, 'The Night Watchman,' expressed their sadness at not being able to

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  • Yoo Jae Suk crashes car during practice for 'Korea Speed Festival' special of 'Infinity Challenge', uninjured

    July 3, 2014 @ 8:36 am

    Yoo Jae Suk has been reported to have gotten into a car crash during a practice session for the upcoming '2014 Korea Speed Festival' special of MBC's 'Infinity Challenge'. Thankfully, the 'nation's MC' left the crash uninjured, and 'Infinity Challenge' will move on with the 'KSF' special as planned. A rep from the program stated on July 3, the 'Infinity Challenge' cast members were participating with professional racers at the official p

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  • INFINITE dish on Sunggyu's most common phrases + Hoya reveals reason for crying

    March 13, 2014 @ 4:24 pm

    On a new episode of 'This Is Infinite' on March 13, the INFINITE members had to figure out how well they knew one another.  Sunggyu asked the others, "What do I say often these days?"  The answer was, "That's contrived," but the other members threw out, "Snap out of it," "Hey you," "Let's get a drink" (which Sunggyu acknowledged was true, too), and, "Come to Cheongdam." Finally, Sunggyu gave them a clue, saying it was something tha

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  • INFINITE find out which member is the most popular and which is the least on 'This Is Infinite'

    March 7, 2014 @ 3:41 pm

    On this week's episode of 'This is Infinite,' the INFINITE members took to the streets to figure out how popular they were.When the boys arrived at a marketplace to see how many people could recognize them, the fans heard and crowded around the boys.  However, even though the group seemed popular as a whole, it appeared there were pretty big differences in popularity among the individual members.  The most popular was L while the least popular wa

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  • Hoya pokes fun at the other INFINITE members' physical strength on 'This Is INFINITE'

    February 28, 2014 @ 7:43 pm

    On this week's 'This Is INFINITE', Hoya  went up against all 6 of his members as he poked fun at the other INFINITE members' physical strength!When the members gathered for the opening of the show, it turned out Hoya was missing from the scene. That turned out to be because Hoya was being interviewed about what he thinks of the strength of the other members. As the members watched on, he started off saying, "The INFINITE member rascals

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