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TVXQ write handwritten messages to fans for their 9th anniversary

December 26, 2012 @ 5:57 pm
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TVXQ celebrated their 9th anniversary!

Yunho and Changmin posted handwritten messages onto their official board on SMTOWN.

Yunho wrote,

To. Cassiopeia.

Wow~ It's finally~ our 9th anniversary ~ Maybe it's because it's the day after Christmas.. But I think it's more meaningful ^^* The~ precious memories~ that we built up together.. Let's be together from now on as well ^^* -We are~ T- I'm~ always thankful and grateful... And~ I love you...

Changmin wrote,
It's already been 9 years ^o^ I'm always thankful to everyone... ^^ Let's protect each other and be happy from now on as well!

Happy 9th anniversary to TVXQ!

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