Sean Lee works with Brand New Music artists on a body building project

November 23, 2012 @ 12:41 am
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Verbal JintPhantom's HanhaeBizniz, and Swings are starting a body building project with health trainer Sean Lee.

According to Verbal Jint's agency Brand New Music, "Sean Lee, who has been a fan of these artists because of his love for hip hop, has offered Brand New Music's CEO Rhymer to train these artists so that is how this project was created."

In actuality, Sean Lee has been training Brand New Music Artists since the beginning of November for two hours every day.

The result of their training will be revealed at their label's concert 'Brand New Day Vol. 2 Brand New Year' on December 16th at Ax Hall. There will be a corner titled 'Sean Lee's Diet King Awards' where the artists will show their new and improved bodies and Sean Lee will be awarding the one who has developed the best body.

On another note, Verbal Jint, As One, Phantom, and Swings will be participating in the concert 'Brand New Day Vol. 2 Brand New Year'.

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