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Hong Kong TEEN TOP fans celebrate L. Joe's birthday with a special bus event

November 23, 2012 @ 12:01 am
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In celebration of L. Joe's 20th birthday, international TEEN TOP fans have presented him with a very special gift!

An online community board recently shared a picture of a two story bus wrapped in banner with a special birthday message for member L. Joe. As it turned out, it was prepared by Hong Kong fans as an event for L. Joe's birthday on November 23rd.

The bus has been quite popular online ever since a month prior to the event. Many netizens shared their own pictures of sightings of the bus, showing the growth in popular TEEN TOP has been enjoying overseas.

Fans commented, "So proud of TEEN TOP for doing so well overseas", "The efforts of Hong Kong fans are truly commendable", "Why don't we have a bus like that in Korea!", and "Happy birthday to L. Joe oppa!"

The bus has been making its round in Hong Kong all month long and will continue its run through the end of the month.

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