Psy to be featured in new MBC documentary, 'Rising to Stardom! Gangnam Style'

September 7, 2012 @ 6:15 am
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Psy will be starring in a special documentary about his road to becoming an international sensation on MBC' 'Rising to Stardom! Gangnam Style' which is expected to premiere on the 21st. An MBC representative revealed, "We have been working on this since last month."

The documentary, like it's title, will feature the stories behind Psy's rise to stardom with a focus on the events that happened with the release of his album, 'Psy's Best Sixth', this past July. Footage of Psy's promotional trip to the U.S. will also be revealed as well.

Tune in to watch an in-depth look into the "Psy syndrome" on 'Rising to Stardom! Gangnam Style' later this month!

Source + image: Sports Korea via Nate

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