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YoonA stops traffic during guerilla date interview with 'Entertainment Relay'

April 6, 2012 @ 10:21 am
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Girls' Generation's YoonA literally stopped traffic in Insadong, South Korea.

Earlier today, the above picture captioned, "YoonA in a red fedora, fan cam in Insadong surrounded by an insanely large crowd," appeared on an online community board.

YoonA is seen filming a guerilla date interview for KBS's 'Entertainment Relay' in the middle of a very crowded street. The Girls' Generation member looked feminine and stylish with a short wavy hair style and a red fedora. The picture is definitely evidence of the immensity of YoonA's fame.

Netizens commented, "YoonA is the 'it' star," "That's the first time I've seen so many people in Insadong," and "I'm envious of the people who were there."

Source+Picture: Star News via Naver

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