Haha promotes his album 'Acoustic Tuning Time' + Special video from 'Infinity Challenge' cast to viewers

April 6, 2012 @ 9:50 am
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During MBC's 'Infinity Challenge' recent special episode, cast member Haha took the opportunity to promote his latest album.

On April 5th, PD Kim Tae Ho of 'Infinity Challenge' revealed the 19-minute long video through his Twitter with a post that read, "Was released a bit late. The 'Infinity Challenge' members would like to send their greetings to viewers."

The 19-minute clip shows the 'Infinity Challenge' members chatting and discussing past episodes as well as sharing a few hilarious stories regarding the members and staff. When Haha was asked to greet viewers, he immediately began promoting his collaboration album with Taw titled, 'Acoustic Tuning Time', instead.

"It's still not too late!" he pleaded. "Please go and download it. If you're an 'Infinity Challenge' fan, this is the least you can do for me!"

Acting as if he was about to break down and cry any minute, he continued, "As soon as my album was released, MBC and KBS began their labor union strikes. I even paid for and filmed the music video myself, but it ended up being deemed unfit for broadcast. There's nowhere I can play the music video."

Unfortunately, it seems certain that 'Infinity Challenge' will be airing another rerun for the 10th consecutive week. Check out the special clip below!

Source & Image: Newsen via Nate

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