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B.A.P shows off their comedic nature through previously unseen photos

April 5, 2012 @ 5:05 am
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The fierce and charismatic rookie group, B.A.P, recently showed off their comedic nature through previously unseen photos that were just released.

On April 4th, unseen photos from the group's debut days were revealed on their official fan cafe, and had fans laughing at the silly cuts taken by the members themselves.

While Bang Yong Guk donned a dark mustache that doesn't quite seem to match with his blonde hair, maknae Zelo is seen with his face painted as a cat trying to eat a hair styling tool. Himchan also showcased a variety of silly expressions, and had fans chuckling at the members' sense of humor.

Fans commented, "Yong Guk oppa's true side comes out", "Zelo oppa, that's not for eating", "Himchan oppa is making a heart for me. My boys, you shouldn't be posting up photos so freely like this", "My eyes are in for a treat".


[pictures provided by TS Entertainment]

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