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ZE:A Kevin's past becomes a hot issue

March 30, 2011 @ 9:15 pm
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ZE:A member Kevin's (23) past has become a hot issue on the internet. On March 27th, on an online community, someone posted about Kevin's past in Australia, during which he opened a charity concert. There was a collection of articles detailing on how he performed for such charity concerts under his Korean name, Kim Ji Yeob. According to the post, in November of 2004, Kevin opened a charity concert in an auditorium at the Sydney Epping Boys High School. Kevin had revealed, "I wanted to be at least a little bit helpful to the sick children, so I prepared this performance." Kevin is known to have received a major operation when he was just 3 years old for a disease called biliary ectasia. Sympathizing with sick children, he donated $2000 in 2004, which was before his debut. There's even more to his amazing past. Kevin immigrated to Australia in 1997, and for 2 years from 2001, he was a part of the Sydney Angels Choir. He toured Korea and Japan with the group, and it's widely known that he was under Bedford & Pearce Management, the same management as famous Australian actor Russell Crowe, during his stay at Australia. Kevin's mom was also a singer in the 80's under the name Yoon Ae so it seems Kevin has inherited his musical ability from his mother. Netizens who read about Kevin's admirable past were very impressed. Source & photo: Sports Seoul via Nate Tip: MoonJewel5



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