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Fans donate blood for IU's birthday

Fans do all sorts of things for their idol's birthday, from donations, planting trees to volunteer work. For IU's 21st birthday, fans decided to d…

   Thursday, May 16, 2013   15,689   4   0


Girls' Generation fans donate 8 tons of rice

Girls' Generation fans donated 8 tons (17,637 lbs) of rice. The rice was donated to help feed a total of 66,400 people in need. The rice has be…

   Wednesday, December 5, 2012   27,080   0   0


IU donates $9217 to her High School

Singer IU donated about $9217 to her High School. It was belatedly revealed that IU donated the money at the end of October to Dongduk Girl's H…

   Wednesday, December 5, 2012   89,575   0   0